Thursday, June 04, 2009


1. Mindef Says No, Strategy says Yes.

Jen Azizan also brushed off speculation that the services of its MiG-29N aircraft would be terminated with the acquisition of the Sukhoi jets.
“Throughout its service, the MiG-29 has been recognised as the most suitable for the job.”
Nevertheless, he said that since the MIG-29N aircraft was more of an air interdiction aircraft, the RMAF was planning to acquire six multi-role combat aircraft to increase the capability of the existing warfare system.

However, a foreign defense publication has a different take:

Malaysia is getting rid of its MiG-29 fighters, and replacing them with Su-30s.

2. Rankings high yet banana state looms...hahahaha

a) In terms of safety, the much maligned PDRM must be having a chuckle given that they did better than their former colonisers: . In fact, that's a twelve places leap from the previous year.

b) in terms of competitiveness, up four rungs:

c) in terms of rankings , study Malaysia'a performance at :

Yet someone senile sees it fit to ridicule his own country just because some stadium decided to bring its roof down. Get a life dude before its too late cos the grave's acalling..hahahahaha..LOL. Another stupid fella in search of political Viagra... a case of like son like father...

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