Sunday, May 31, 2009

Penanti Vindicates Me

Caveat : The analysis in this post was based on an electoral roll of 15421 voters (March 2008). I have since been given to understand that the actual figure was 15384 with minute variations in the racial profile. In addition, I also smoothed out the spoilt votes in the tally to ease my calculations. However, my approximate figures are stil within the deviation range.

By all accounts, it is a massive PR and electoral disaster for the aptly named, all glamour and no substance PR. Definitely, they will retain the seat against a pack of lightweights for after all it is a bastion that was there for the taking right from the word go. Any PR Samad, Ah Beng or Muniandy would have cantered to victory with yards nay kilometers to spare against a bunch of hapless and heavily outgunned wannabes. However, that sweet smell of victory ain’t going to mask the rot within:

All it took was a simple grandma, by the name of Aminah, to unmask the real PR as nothing more than a hodge podge of political thugs, power crazy gangstas and corrupt pimps and whores who will stoop to anything to gain victory. Yeah, even intimidation, bribery, dastardly persuasion to attain victory at the expense of the democracy they embrace with such hypocrisy. The shenanigans of Minahgate will reverberate far and wide as it clearly shows that PR are not above the gutter politics they ascribe their rivals with. In simple language, a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

The conversations over lunch on that desultory afternoon interspersed as it was by the rousing squawks and crows of free ranging kampung chicken resonates symbolically with the village level mentality that pervades PR and its followers. Despite their pretentious posturing as urbane, cultured, intellectual advocates of civil rights and a new Malaysia, the reality is that the PR scums are nothing but a bunch of "illiterate", perfidious bumpkins leveraging on their goondah style politics to impose a totally immoral and ideologically bankrupt version of a new chauvinistic and racist Malaysia on a gullible rabble. Nothing was more indicative of this fact when Cheah and Peter ( the symbols of the typical angst-ridden local Chinamen) cajoled Minah ( an ex PR Malay) into either withdrawing for an “effeminate’ to romp home or if victorious, to play her part in hoodwinking the natives to unknowingly pave the way for a Chinese supremacist party to stamp its authority over the island state much in the same way a cuckolded Nizar acquisced to the demands of Nge and Ngah in Perak.

Despite, the appearance of all their bigwigs at the hustings sans a few senile turban lollipops, the fact that only 7000+ voters ever bothered to turn up to while their Sunday away at the hallways and doorways of democracy speedway would have been deeply embarrassing. What was even more laughable was that all this took place on a Sunday of the school holidays when even a working day Tuesday or a Thursday can draw them by the carloads down democracy way (read BG, BS, KT et al.,).

It must have been indeed galling for the PR fanboys and whoregirls to receive the middle finger of comeuppance after all that thunder and lightning to shock the opposition into awe on polling day. It is the Malaysian way of saying’ don’t take us for monkeys in your donkey attempts at engineering polls to keep that erection going for that supposed almighty orgasm come the 13 of the millennium. It is also the final comeuppance from a politic weary and showmanship bored polity who would rather have their representatives working their butts off for the rakyat rather than conning the guts out of a miserable electorate short on jobs, shorter on dough but long on hope. To expect, nay demand, an outstation electorate to run the gauntlet of jams, tolls and more tolls merely to cast a vote when there was naught a reason says a lot about PR’s social concern for the Mat, Ah Chong and Samy living off his meager savings in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh or even Georgetown. Isn’t it callous to call on folks to spend RM 150 on toll and fuel just to ensure that someone gets his much needed orgasm at the expense of the poor and the needy. Not even talk of a reimbursement for something concocted into existence beyond the provisions of the Constitution.


Now, as the vote count trickles in, let PR ruminate on the ruins of a PR disaster of unmitigated proportions. Before, I dissect the outcome, rest assured the PR and pro-PR rags would be out blaring about the doubled majority of its winner, an ex-Yaleian soon to be DCM 1 against a motley crew comprising a grandma, an unknown Thai and a guy bent on promoting himself in any Bukit in an eternal penantian for something.

What they will hide is that the Yaleian did his level best to alienate approximately 13% of the electorate who bothered to vote and there will be nary a whisper of the reduced number of votes garnered even as the voters comprised of an almost all PR crowd.

Dissecting the Outcome

Fairus polled 7346 votes the last time around. That means, Mansor, the new DCM 1 comes in with a reduced vote count of = 7346 – 6052 = 1294. The PR machine would argue that the lower votes garnered was due to the low turnout. It would be pure garbage if this excuse materializes, as it surely would. The reality is that PR has witnessed an erosion in support and this is particularly so amongst the Malays. Lets examine the outcome to see what I mean. For this purpose, I will use the March 2008 results as a comparison:

March 2008:

Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid ………..5127
Fairus Kamaruddin …………… 7346

Spoilt votes 184
Total 12667
% turnout 82.14%

Racial breakdown : M =73.0 ; C=24.2 and I = 2.4

Malay Profile/turnout = 15421 x 0.73 = 11257 x 0.83 = 9343
Chinese Profile / turnout = 15421 x 0.24 = 3732 x 0.80 = 2986
Indian Profile / turnout = 15421 x 0.024 = 370 x 0.80 = 296
Total = 12625 (actual: 12667)

Using this figure as the base, the vote breakdown for Fairus would be approximately as follows:

M – 9343 x 0.54 = 5045
C – 2986 x 0.70 = 2090
I – 296 x 0.80 = 237
Total = 7372 ( actual= 7346)

Now lets look at the racial voting pattern in this by-election but on a different turnout albeit in a different permutation:

By election May 2009 :

Mansor Othman = 6052
Nai Khan = 494
Aminah = 392
Kamarul = 56

Spoilt votes = 106
Total = 7100
% turnout = 46.1%

Malay Profile/Turnout = 15421 x 0.73 = 11257 x 0.46 = 5178
Chinese Profile / turnout = 15421 x 0.24 = 3732 x 0.45 = 1679
Indian Profile / turnout = 15421 x 0.024 = 370 x 0.43 = 259
Total = 7116 (actual 7100)

Now applying the same vote pattern in March 2008 on Mansor’s, one gets:

M – 5178 x 0.85 = 4401
C – 1679 x 0.85 = 1427
I – 259 x 0.85 = 220
Total = 6048( actual= 6052)

It is evident that despite the PR Malay bigwigs, the madcap strategizing, the iron grip on the fortress, the Malays have irreversibly shifted the directions of their perahu bunkum and the hogwash that the PR government is magically performing wondrous deeds (like the one about hard-core poverty’s instant vaporization), one cold stark fact remains staring unblinking right into the PR illusion’s eye: Malay support has further eroded by 650+ votes.

Even more damningly for the PR Malay fanboys and whoregirls to muse over is the fact that Mansor is supposedly filling the Malay DCM vacancy with the support of only 38.6% of Malay voters in his seat, how stronger than that can you get!

Note: Before, any PR moron says that this is all attributable to a low turnout, better to remember this before shooting:

1. How come polling day could attract so many PR flag bearing charlatans?

2. UMNO was missing and so was the remaining 5000+ of the voters, How come having all the rink to themselves, PR could not slalom more than 6000 + . In fact, the 3 independents votes garnered 942 votes or 13.3% of the the total votes cast. That’s 4 times more than what master strategist Saifuddin is on record as having said confidently and arrogantly here:
. (some trendsetting strategist, hahahaha!...LOL)

3. The voter turnout almost tallies with the Fairus’ haul of 7346. I bet that 99% of the voters there today were PRistas.

4. Talking about Malays being dissatisfied with NEP, Najib and all, how comelah, the results don’t tally with the angst expreesed in the figures of this article:

Revert: Penanti vindicates my stance, doesn’t it, my dear buffalo. Even more reassuring is the low turnout, sincerely hope this will mark the death knell for democrazy in Malaysia. True change only comes if we change ourselves from within and view the world from humane eyes……………


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