Monday, July 27, 2009

Of CATs, Pigs, Rats and Puritans

1. The skunks are running scared. Their much vaunted CAT is out of the bag and it is nothing more than a mangy rag with nothing much to brag. TBH died but he left behind a wealth of evidence or so it seems. Evidence which will nail the mangy CAT loitering in the sty of the Devious Arrogant Pig. The Devious Arrogant Pig is sniffing for power which can lead it to the land of chowder. It is a dangerous swine as it only looks out for its own kind. Every pork barrel is expropriated for its rabble with the choice cuts reserved for the cabal and the leftovers for Les Miserables. Now that the effluent is pouring out through brak in the levee, the counteroffensive is launched, gameplan: denigerate T4TBH.......

2. Les miserables? The Perfidious Kleptocrat Rats and the Puritan Atheistic Sorority are standing by quietly, afraid to raise their voices lest they are meowed down by the CAT. Each time they tried to do so elsewhere, they were caterwauled down and forced to lick their shit and come begging for leftovers, tail between their arses, eyes firmly fixed on the ground. They are nothing but hollow woemen, men in front of their followers but trannies in front of their masters. Tun DR M was right after all, the Chinese are the masters of the land but to put them there it took a whole lot of Malay race, religion and cultural eunuchs to castarate their pride, their maruah, on the altar of Tua Pek Kong on the 8th of March.

3. A simple tale would suffice to illustrate the above. In February 2008, there were 700 massage parlours in Selangor, today there 4200 as at July 15 and more are sprouting in Chinese infested areas. Where are the Puritans who supposedly carry the banner of Islam? Are they Muslims, jihadis for Allah? or are they Mooselam Munafuckins enjoying the feel of soft Chinese palms and the heat of wet Chinese crotch while a huge Champagne awaits in a pail of ice? Dare they answer this conundrum or is deception the new taqqiya of our times?

Revert : T4TBH has opened Pandora's box. Has the blogmaster of T4TBH got more? Lets hold our breath in anticipation.....................

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