Friday, July 24, 2009

Rogues in Disguise?

The MACC is depicted as a rogue agency by princeling. He probably did not mean it to be a double entendre as he is a Trojan. However, that is what it is turning out to be. The MACC was set up under a somnambulist's watch. The legislation pertaining it was rushed through at unearthly speed. the commission was a baking job left half undone

The MACC has carried out numerous investigations against the opposition. It has so far not brought any before the eyes of justice. WHY?

Prior to Selangor, the MACC was commissioned to investigate Fairus Kammaruddin . No charges were filed, instead he was advised to behave himself in future:
"MACC investigation found that he had asked and received funding from a quarry operator to attend an international course in London," said the statement.(
+ RM6.01mil in the last five years (

Then the MACC was called in to investigate Aminah's village drama involving 2 scums complete with audio and visual evidence plus their own admission in person. Strangely, the MACC dismissed it as coffee shop talk although the evidence suggests otherwise:

Then, in June 15, reports were lodged with the MACC against the Jawi state assemblyman. Again documentary evidence was provided but yet again a silent wall stares back at us.

A bespectacled nerd was the next target regarding his house warming orgies but no whiff of action thus far.
What is the MACC for? Is it to investigate and tar government sympathisers while letting oppositionists scoot away like free range chicken with free counseling to boot?. Why is there no action against the Arianna Teoh tennis fiasco?What are the outcomes and actions of this inquiry?+ this :

What are the results pertaining to the Double Pesta affair in Penang? +

Now, we have Selangor...................

Each time, someone is left to go scot free due to insufficient evidence, the notion that persecution is underway gains credence amongst the public + a perception is created among the rabble that the opposing side is an eternal rose bloom....get the drift...

How come another suspect was loitering in the pantry area of the MACC at 6am in the morning? Was it a prelude to something regarding TBH? Are rogue elements within the MACC operating in cahoots with the gangstas and indirectly tarring the gov's image?

Everyone knows the somnambulist had a cosy relationship and a soft spot for a certain American lackey. They were even filmed having lunch together once. Has the somnambulist planted the MACC with his minions and used them only against the government while simultaneously assisting the oppos to tarnish the govt's name through their nefarious deeds like throwing rubbish out of windows?

Why must all these sound a tad too bizarre for after all playing front and back is second nature to some. What if I speculate the ultimate, bump someone off a ledge in a govt building and give the govt a bad name + accomplish what the opposing side wanted all along regarding that person and give them a bonus gift to sleaze the govt in the bargain. After all killing two birds with one stone is no mean feat!! Rest assured there is more bird shit in the pipeline...........

Revert : they have new stuff and evidence in TBH's special blog, click the link.

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