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From Jakarta into A Macabre Drama

One pointing at us, 3 pointing back - courtesy of Malaysiakini

Prologue: To all Malaysians (pols included especially the garden variety type that sprouted like weeds post March 2008):

My condolences to the bereaved family. Please afford them the dignity to mourn in peace and seek closure rather than seizing the pulpit and turning this into another political soap opera designed to further personal and partisan agendas. For god's sake a man has died, quit being the political animal and be human for a change, that will lend a tinge of humaneness to the whole thing. Let the authorities unravel the truth lest you don’t want it to be unravelled..

And so the political animals gallivant in the jungle of rage, tearing at the corpse of a
dead man like hungry hyenas on a feeding frenzy. Wolfing down the meat of suffering and gnashing away the bone of tragedy to fill their power hungry paunches, they sniff the air for signs of tumult and let loose their fiendish laughter to stoke fear and anger in their moronic pack. And nothing is more odious to the senses than the sight of a laughing hyena, mouth dripping with blood and offal, eyes gleaming with mischief, tongue lolling in mock triumph. This is it, the moment to savour, manna pouring from hell to cover the deeds of evil and when else but now to subtly shift the spotlight, deflect the probing strobes, refocus the blinding flash elsewhere. No remorse, no moral probity, no humane feeling to chain these beasts from purgatory, they set about their task with alacrity even as the scent of death lingered in the air and petals of grief lay strewn on the pathways of surviving lives. Who cares about a mother’s grief, a father’s lament, a sister’s pain, a brother’s shock, an unborn baby’s unvoiced loss. That is collateral damage to be incurred in pursuit of the greater prize, the chalice of power and the elixir of madness contained therein. Heckles raised in contempt, chests puffed up with arrogance and belly heaving with insults, they bay for blood in their primeval thirst for revenge, directing their spittle at innocent agencies performing unheralded duties.

Innuendoes fly like arrows from bows of wrath, conjecture wing through the air from the slingshots of fury, insinuations soar like bullets fired from perfidious muskets, allegations flutter on the wings of evil. And so the depraved sally forth in unison firing unsubstantiated, ridiculous, logic defying salvoes to prevent Lady Truth from ever revealing herself in the battlefield of perceptions. Right after, the body of the deceased is discovered, the finger-pointing starts and trial by media commences with alacrity. Watch how red herrings spawn and swim forth in shoals in a sea roiling with malevolence driven by the sole intention of tearing and devouring the whale of fact like hungry piranhas commanded to strike. And in the commotion, fact sinks like a dying beluga bereft of its mother, its haunting song drowned by the cacophony of sounds raised by chattering monkeys. Like the nattering nabobs of negativity, these chattering choirs of charlatans raise the cudgels in unison and fire missiles at will in a desperate attempt to cloak the uncloakable, to hide the unhideable, to cover the uncoverable, to deflect the nettlesome:

1. the link between gangstas and certain political parties.
2. the involvement of certain individuals in unsavoury activities in cahoots with the underworld
3. Was a state government compromised by any such link..How? To what extent?
4. How long has this been going on, what about the link with the ongoing Ah long investigations

First, it was cries of unfairness regarding the impartiality of the investigating agency, next the dismissive shit stirrer thingy uttered by a “beatified” saint, then, it was tag along press corps to hound the MACC guys into retreat failing which it was time to shred the informer’s credibility to pieces and sledgehammer his reputation to dust. All failed. Woth the noose tightening, did a coterie of choking man and women decide on the unspeakable ultimate? After all what was he, a minion in a land of goliath egos and gargantuan lusts……………

He lies there motionless, crumpled, a hole on his trousers probably the last contact he had with life. He must have agonised at the knowledge, having seen the heart of darkness and the pain of unburdening a wrecked soul must have been too much. Relieved by the awake, sleep’s door opened and ushered him into Respite’s arms. But even here, the demons of the living stalked him nonetheless in a phantasmagoria of more horror, threats, double dealing. Too much inner knowledge wracking a naive mind which sleepwalked a body through an incomprehensible nightmare, stepped out through an imaginary door and fell through that tear in time and space into eternity. But as his fall is in not in vain for some, it is to them Satan’s gift to prolong their debauchery……...and therein lies the rub.

May you sleep tight now, Teoh, it was not worth it in the end…….

P/S : Trivia to ponder

1. WCK went to give a police statement at 12.30pm 16 July, the late Teoh was called in at 5pm or thereabouts. Interrogation only started at 7pm or so as lawyer’s statements attest.

2. 6.30am to 1.30 pm on the eve of your wedding registration day, Teoh was wandering around in existential fugue in Plaza Massalam, dicing about to his flight with fate while his loved ones dint bother to contact him, approach MACC or get the police (his lawyer included, of all people this ex- ISA hound should know better, right?)

3. on the same day, a kajang brat was picked up for questioning at around the same time. His rant here is staple oppo fare but the pix (archived for immortality) is not flattering…gives you the creeps and ideas doesn’t it.

4. This sounds funny. Why he didn’t turn up? :

Revert: Strangely, WCK appears to be the only sane and decorous one on a galley of madmen and madwomen. A lawyer by profession, he nevertheless behaved like a true gentleman in according the deceased and his family due respect. I don’t agree with you on a whle lot of things, but on this, I doff of my hat. But for this scum who is out to milk public sympathy and play to the gallery, I doff my trousers and show him my arse. Definitely a classless and calloused scum.

Buffalo: Remember, master, the shit stirring was not started by BN but PR themselves. Who better to know oneself than your own self…mooooooooooooooooooooo!


A. For a full revelation of how the Deflector machine, model FX-2009 went through its test-run motions, click on the addy below:


B. Read how a blithering idiot of a conman who nutmegged a village with his smooth talk indulge in a bit of cheap and malicious tomfoolery ( not a word of condolence, mind you after all who is Teoh but a naïve simpleton in the eyes of nutmegs):


C. Read how a spinmeister indulges in a show of hearsay ( Blimey, a good cadre at work!):

D. Read how a minion death is turned into a sordid and macabre roadshow to boost a crocked and listing flagship with no explanation given to questions about preceding events leading to the tragedy )oh, I am sorry for being a “fool”..i forgot, those Qs must be masked come what may:

E. Read how this lady just loves the culinary art of stirring, u know whatlah ; ):

F. Finally, read how a sundry charlatan and loyar buruk scum leverages on another man's misfortune (like his esteemed and maksum chieftains, not a whiff of personal condolence either, only a “robotic” mime in the second + convenor??…hahahahahahaha LOL). (Truly a classless, tasteless, calloused hearted simian, if there ever was one):


Observe how #3 jives in with call to arms instigated by Obama’s lapdogs in Malaysia in (D) above… u know the Portuguese waterdog variety sans the turban of course + compare this itchy arsed monkey’s antics with WCK's dignified demeanour here:

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