Monday, July 20, 2009

Time To Unleash The ISA (with updates)

Many moons ago when I penned several posts in support of the ISA, I was upbraided by my friends and foes alike for being supportive of what was mistakenly perceived to a be a draconian, oppressive and obsolete piece of legislation. Now as events unfold like a cascading waterfall, the ISA appears to be the one piece of legislation capable enough to stop this nation's slippery slide down the rapids into the swirling whirlpool of chaos below.

The time has come to engage the brakes and arrest our descent into the abyss by applying the ISA against individuals or groups who:

a. question our institutions of state, the role of Islam as the official language and Bahasa Malaysia as the national language.

b. stoke racial hatred and foment distrust against government agencies entrusted with maintaining law and order with the intention of obstructing justice.

c. instigate disaffection against the state and its security apparatus through street demonstrations, marches, vigils, memorials etc.

d. deliberately defy orders to desist from their anti-national actions and propogate hatred through official and unofficial means against the indigenous community,language, culture and religion.

e. thwart the unification of the Pribumi community through speech or actions that are wilfully designed to promote dissension amongst the Malay/Muslim community.

It should now be clear to all and sundry, especially the relevant parties, that the ISA is a much needed law and that any move to review, amend or repeal its provisions or to jettison the Act altogether is a foolhardy venture that should be aborted immediately. Rather, this blogger, in assuming a contrarian position, demands that tougher provisions be coopted into existing Act and existing loopholes and technicalities be plugged so as to forestall any future release of social scum on technicalities etcetera. Finally, it is hoped that judicial review of application of the said Act be further circumscribed.

Revert: Its time for responsible leadership - to doff the velvet glove and crush dissent with the iron -fist before this country morphs into a banana republic where mob rule and political gangsterism hold sway.

Buffalo: Two days after flogging a dead corpse for publicity, a simian is calling for calmer waters in deference to the dead. What a monkey!

Update : An hour or so, after this post went up, this cyberrag went to town with photos of procession, the funeral rites, opposition scums affecting grief and sundry articles, including this one :

Having doubts as to where this carefully orchestrated campaign is heading? Well, doubt no more. For those with short memories, May 13. 1969 was preceded by a Chinese "martyrdom" and subsequent rioting. Eerie echoes from the past have a habit of reveberating in the present when we steadfastly refuse to learn from history. To paraphrase Santayana, history is bound to repeat itself when man does not learn from its lessons...........

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