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Truly A New Dawn for Malaysia

Today's post is from Warrior 231, a comment that got canned by the simian who runs the hovel, PP. Over to you Warrior 231. (For a full read on the proposal go to the relevant post regarding warrior at PP )

You may wonder why Haris Ibrahim abruptly terminated me in must have sifted through my latest comments and found a lot of troubling views that effectively undercuts his callow ABM initiative. If as he says, I had veered off the topic then why allow the first comments through in that regard and the subsequent repartees by one "hahahaha", Shakuntala et al. It is clear that Haris Ibrahim, the thought coward, is riled by the fact that my practical initiative, based on current realities is gaining traction, amongst his (HI) ilk as the best way forward and what better way to suffocate an idea than by banning its dissemination.

I will comment extensively ( with evert's permission) on Haris Ibrahim's cowardice on 1Pribumi and how he is trying to twist the cowherd issue into a religious thingy, a form of damage control to coverup for the MB's lies, a provocation designed to coral the Indian vote ahead of the by-elections for the the Bagan Pinang state seat ( Indians constitute about 20% of the elctorate: Also note the Indian slant in his posts lately and over the next few days in anticipation of BP. All clear evidence once again as to why selfstyled civil society is against anything that removes politics from the mainstream, it will effectively neuter their cause and impact on their vested interests.

Anyway, here is my final unexpurgated response to "hahahaha":

Inshaallah, most surely my last, since I do not want to impose on the bogmaster. Moreover, it would be better we agree to disagree on certain issues if that need be the case.

1. I find it a bit exasperating to get through the fact that this assertion of yours has been addressed by me refering to sources both Sino and Western to account for the “westerner bias” as explained in ( 4 )of my earlier reply. Either you misunderstand or are deliberately obfuscating the issue. Even if we were to accept your false contention, what is there to prevent Chinese scholars from debunking the “myths’ the Westerners perpetuate in the same way as Edward Said critiqued Western “ Middle-Eastern scholarship” in ‘Orientalism’

2. More precisly I would aver the diminution of the role of English led to a decline in to standards simply because references and information in critical areas like Science and Maths are rendered in English.Although I am staunch advocate of 1Pribumi and its main principle satu “Sekolah untuk Semua” , I am realistic enough to allow for PPSMI to be continued. The fact that those advocating its dismantling stood on the opposition soapbox to effect its demise should not be lost on you and the rabble here.

3. “It is a well known fact that China and India are not in good term since the border war” but for the thing to percolate downwards into the social strata must be pretty edifying. Look, it is no longer merely a gov-gov thingy but also more a people-people issue. When you look at it from the geopolitical perspective, it is highly plausible to assert there is a lot truth in those reports as to China’s actual intention cos:

a. Their belligerent behaviour in the Spratlys is one indication.Their massive military buildup is reminiscient of Japan in the 1930s: and

even Australia is preparing contigency plans

that are summarised here: :

b. their meddling in the affairs of the countries on India’s borders is evident enough of their manouvering to reach their eventual goal. 2 examples .: and

By breaking up India, China would be the titular Asian power if we discard the Asian portion of Russia, both in terms of size and population. What would stop the Chinese establishing their own take of the Japanese Great Asia prosperity thingy as espoused in WWII . Whatever it is China’s quest for hegemony is a manifestaation of an incessant collective need plus their people’s acceptance of others as equals is a troubling concern:
Shades of the civilised vs barbarian narrative of yore rearing its head again?u know the Middle Kingdom myth!
I don’t have the space to elaborate further suffice to say that one ignores the machinations China nation state motivated by insecurities embeded in the Chinese psyche at one’s own peril.

4. You misread the imputations of Dawkins for he was critical of meddling in the biology classroom not talking about the fallacy of his ideas.But the last observation is pretty instrcutive of what Ketuanan Anglo Saxon apologists think of the heretics to the cause :

“ abetted by the official commitment to “multiculturalism” and the terror of being thought racist”

Whether a commitment to multiculturalism is there is moot as France bans the Muslim scarf and hamstrungs its Algerian émigré. Germany has problems with its Turkish minority while the Dutch and the Danish are leery of their Muslim populace. And it is a fact that subservience to the AngloSaxon - Judeo Christian model is a given in the US , Australia and NZ. All over Westerndom, questions are being asked of the immigrant and the notion of multiculturalism, even in Canada:

Even LHL mouths a different permutation of Ketuanan Cina in Spore :

So how come what I am proposing is particularly opprobrious?Am I to be derided as racist for living in facts, drinking the truth and spitting out lies?Should we all close our eyes to the reality lurking within?

5. “In my opinion, there are three stages of development after CCP come into power. 1) Mao 2) Deng, Hu (YB), Zhao & Jiang and 3) Hu (JT) + Wen.” My thesis encompasses all three stages with slight variations in nuances between them and has been examined by chinese scholars themselves such as Chen Yizi; Ding Xueliang; Wu Guoguang: Yang Jianli etc in the 1990s in differing scopes. A latest critique is provided in
“Decentralized Authoritarianism in China: The Communist Party's Control of Local Elites in the Post-Mao Era” by Pierre F. Landry . It is a compelling read and I suggest you get it, the blurb is available here:

If Mao was the modern Chin Shih Huang, his demise saw a feeble attempt at dynasty creation via Chiang Ching and the Gang of 4. Of course, Hua Guo Feng prevented that while Deng had to effect a less bellicose CCP as he wanted investments into China and project a more open image. But remember, the Democracy Wall of 1978 and 1979 putsch ( and Tian An Men happened under his watch and ZZY paid the price as his memoirs attest (you wanna say that’s a western tome :) ]. The subsequent cabal only affected cosmetic change while still maintaining an iron grip. That is why dissent is absent and the Chinese authorities are at liberty to run programmes unquestioned as attested by the Bank of China governor when asserting the supremacy of the authoritarian model over the US model in a press conference prior to the G8 summit in April (sorry, I have inadvertently misplaced the link). The imperial system thus has always been there only without an emperor like Mao or a lesser potentate like, Deng. It has become a Mandarin monarchy instead but control is still there. To say China is no longer Communist is a misnomer. It appears to be capitalist but with Communistlike command strutures to control capital, determine investment etc (while social controls are still pervasive as indicated by its recent grren dam thingy):,dwp_uuid=f6e7043e-6d68-11da-a4df-0000779e2340.html

Umno has ben implementing the former version of 1Pribumi, the NEP relatively unhindered for 38 years but it is one the ironies of democracy that it cannibalises itself in the long run when elements like warlordism, peddling to specific constituencies etc (things I have explained b4) come to the fore. Under a strong leader like Tun Dr M, these elements are managed, kept under control but post-Mahathir it has been a diferent story. No democracy is immune from corruption and no benevolent dictatorship is either ( as I showed in LKY’s Spore in RB).

I excise that plague by implementing 1Pribumi via the existing bureucratic network that will be held accountable by all stakeholders. It is not a leeway for the bureaucracy to metastise carte blanche because as the premium is on efficiency and quality delivery, providers will come up with novel initiatives lest they be evaluated negatively by the receipients (the rakyat). For instance, if RM100, allocated by the treasury is destined for ten villagers of Village C by dateline X, the conduit (the network) must ensure that it will reach its destination by then. If someone comes up short, say RM9.99, then the conduit (the bureucratic network responsible) will be under the spotlight.

Tenure of service will no longer be an iron ricebowl but based on performance and integrity. Having said that rewards will not be measly as selfless sincere hardwork deserves recognition. My model will devolve decisionmaking to the lower echelons. It will have features like “panchayat/JKK”meetings , ombudsman etc to elict feedback. It will have online/offline forms to evaluate performance. It will leverage on ICT to bring the rakyat closer to the structures of governance. Transparency and accountability will be the order. No longer do the rakyat need spokesmen to carry (and twist) their grouses, no longer will there be a need for plastic heroes and fake champions to fight their cause and sequester their loyalty, no longer will there be monkeys on the public stage fighting over whether bananas or papayas are better for collective good. It’s a story of freedom, a paean to responsibilty, a valediction to trust and a anthology to hope. It makes every citizen grasp his destiny, every individual live his conscience, every person carry the torch and share the glow. It will not impose any extra financial burden on the nation, free up resources, stoke the imagination, ignite creativity and reap the rewards of efficiency and productivity. In short, it will be a boon to the citizens and a bane to the pollies, their wallies and their monkeees…..

Through the eons my people have tasted salt, muffled their pain and silenced their grief. Warmth in their eyes, kindness in their palms and trust in their hearts, they reached out and accepted others who desired lordship while pretending serfdom, who harboured hatred while affecting amity, who masked treachery while effacing unity .They were massacred in an ugly pogrom in 1945 yet 12 years later in a touch of humanity gave their killers the succour they craved. They were exploited, mocked and ridiculed but their vast largesse of forbeareance never depleted by much. My vision is to wipe away those tears, remove their fears and redeem their years. The journey has been long and many leaders have fallen. One, Dr M took them into the new dawn which the subsequent two tunneled bask into a new darkness. 1Pribumi will redeem their honour, reinvigorate their spirit, restore their dignity. It will crown them as the rightful “kings” of this beautiful land, a fact no history can erase but kings who are benevolentenough to extend the “royal” umbrella to shade the other, succour his needs. He may reject 1Pribumi but he will be cared for justly in line with the norms of my refined culture and the precepts of my monotheistic religion. He need not fear unless he hides the poison, biding his time….

The ship may wreck, the sextant braek , the captain drown but the dream will live on for my brethren will rise again heads held high, walk in unison hands grasped firmly, advance in lockstep hearts throbbing together to climb the mountain of doubt; to traipse the valley of fear; to ford the river of tumult to reach the Promised Land….
By- Warrior 231

Revert: A very interesting and practical proposal. i have seen the first draft of W231's initiative and it is, by far, the best initiative on how to depoliticise society and move this country forward. 1Pribumi for all except the political babboons and piddling monkeys like Haris Ibrahim

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