Monday, November 02, 2009

Razaleigh's Ghost plays the Last Post

Glad to be back after a long hiatus. My travels to America and then Japan has given me plenty of insights of what is happening on ground zero elsewhere and its implications for us. Thanks to those who sent me Raya greetings and a belated Selamat Hari raya, maaf zahir and batin to you too.may Allah bless you always. Also I will catch up with my brothers and sisters who have sent me other messages. thank you all . So what do we have here in malaysia, Old Nik up to his antics again, PR in its expected turmoil (it will splinter away into oblivion, next year, inshaallah), Najib pressing ahead with his inane 1Malaysia when the Malays have put their trust in BP but the Chinese havent reposited theirs, a weak budget and an uneventful NAP. Elsewhere meltdown looms ironically in winter..............But first lets catch up with the hermit.

It must be the curse of the colonialised mind that seeks the nostalgia of yesterdays even as Father Time winds down the clocks of today closer to Purgatory.It is a curse that afflicts any Anglophile, Francophile, Yankeephile or any other phile nursed on the milk of colonialist masters and raised on the victuals of thought subjugation.
Razaleigh Hamzah is one such lost nostalgic soul. A failed economist, politician, one-time oppositionist, it is no surprise that the resident hermit of the palm grove is- like his other Kelantenese, the Kafir Nik Aziz Nik Mat- now a slave to bitterness at the lost opportunuties of yore. While Nik Aziz rants and rave from the pulpit like a mad theologian desecrating his own spirituality, Razaleigh has been reduced to a gibbering wreck whose appearances in public life today are devoted to assailing the very institutions that catapulted him into the public eye:

A beneficiary of the NEP and even one of its earliest advocates in the 1960s through the Bumiputera Economic Conventions that gave rise to MARA, BBMB etc and that propeled him to seat of power, this old man is bent on tearing down the very nationalism that bore him on the socio-economic crest of a political tsunami into the portals of power.Entrusted with the restructuring of the Malaysian social landscape using the levers of the NEP, Razaleigh first delivered us anaemic growth while cosying up to Chinese businessmen in HK, oversaw the BMF fiasco during his tenure as Finance Minister and presided over an economic mess of rising budgetary deficts, recession and massive loss of confidence while being at the same time engrossed with petty internecine skirmishes with another failed polly, Musa Hitam. All that before he lost the plot completey and went for the jugular by trying to unseat the only statesman we ever had,Tun M himself.(alhamdullilah, he didnt and the rest is a 15 year history of glory for Malaysia). Next, in a pique of arrogance and a fit of childish spite, he left his moorings and set sail with a bunch of pirates against the wind, hoping that his marauding ways would endear himself to the populace. We knew better and exhausted by the Koxinga like tantrum and depleted of resources, he shuffled back, headdown with his tail between his legs and consigned himself to existential ennui, the twilight zone of his life from which he emerged briefly for another stab at the seat of power.

It is too late Razaleigh, time to give up the ghost and prepare for the grave. You would have made a good PM -not a great one like Tun Dr Mahathir- certainly better than Pak Lah and Anwar combined, if you had learnt to focus your intellect,curb those intemperate desires and lusts for the pedestal and had been more discplined in your political youth during the 1980s. Instead, you allowed yourself to believe in your own legend and ended up shamelessly conniving with your fellow gutter rats to stab the one man who could have resurrected your lost soul and given your lost sheen, a fresh gloss. Next, it was shacking up and shagging with a bunch of hapless power crazy weirdos who grabbed the chance to milk your stature for all its worth and fatten their girth. Kelantan fell to the parasite Passites, Penang almost sauntered down the alley with the rabid DAP pariah mongrel but the centre eluded you yet again.

For all its worth, you ended up with nothing and rightfully earn from me at least, contempt. A traitor to the Malay race you certainly are for delivering Kelantan to the jaws of poverty, for signing off Muslim pribumi rights in Sabah to Christian crusaders and for almost letting malay loathing Chinese racists to reassert themselves in Penang. Most of all, your treachery lay in charting the pathway for one Anwar ibrahim who would mimic your ways to a 't". Any wonder as to why no malay with maruah ever supported you in your failed attempt against ur once erstwhile Trojan now traitor, the weakling Phark Lah. Ever ruminated on what you had done to the Malay cause? Ever contemplated the monstrosity of your actions? I doubt it as your latest asinine outburst implies.

No malaysia was never a failed state. Its misfortune was the failure of the first PM to implement the provisons of the Constitution on Malay privileges from the word go. Imagine if we had the NEP from 1957, malay wealth ownership would be about 40-45% by now with the chinese chauvinst dog firmly tethered to its post and Muslim poseurs like Nik Aziz hard at work to earn a living rather than spewing their gob from wooden pulpits. The Constitution was never pillaged in the 1980s, it was raped in the 1960s when supposed liberals were in the hallways of power. We never had a sophisticated banking system or an equitable economic model.They are fallacies emanating from your hallucinating self. We had one of the most inequitable soicties ever that had to spend 20 years of its adult life giving its natives a chance given that virtually everything was under chingkie control in 1957 and continued to be for some time, first via HS Lee and later Tan Siew Sin (historical analysis of malay socio-economic data pre 1969 and post 1975 would attest to that, in fact improvements were seen when Tun M took charge and Daim joined the action). Dare tell me what would have happened if malays like Tun M had been at the helm from 1957 onwards, we would be more like Japan outstripping even our little red dot neighbour.

Institutional frameworks devised by the Brits are as bogus and fragile as they come. The selfsame frameworks cannot even punish those who caused the Great Recession of 2008 onwards, the very same frameworks facilitated bailouts,rewarded charlatans,allowed for the rich to exploit the poor, disenfranchised the masses nad disillusioned generations.Wonder which are the most livable countries in the they do not have Anglo-saxon like institutions, they are Nordic.

And if you dare yell singapore, I will show you my middle finger, scum. For if Malaysia had moulded itself along Singapore's REPRESSIVE governance framework -where corruption takes place but behind drawn curtains save for the occasional peek- the Malay would be hard at work, the Chinese dog would leashed to his economic endeavours and the Indian cow would be minding its field.Each contributing to total well being but commited to a common ideal.One man attempted that but you and your ilk never gave him a chance. He had to get rid of slimebags like you before spending the next 15 years yanking malaysia into the 21st century to make up for 25 years of wasted potential, but not before crushing a young upstart in your mould and skillfully navigating the ship of state through the roiling waters of economic chaos. And what do you and his once erstwhile colleagues turned foes now give him for that? Truly, you are all Melayu Tidak Bermaruah for only a melayu with maruah would know what is budi, and what is syukran. Hey, you are westernised malays, angkuhfied beyond rendah diri, even more westernised than me who spent some years of his life in the states and what do i know?

Singapore's success teaches us a moral. What is that moral? Successful societies have minimal fractious politics, the energy of which is diverted into driving economic engines. That is the law of social physics. Disbelieve me; look at the postwar economic history of Taiwan, S.Korea,Singapore and lately China and Vietnam- all sino-centric societies that have tethered the quarrelsome nature of their polity and channeled the latent energy into productive economic endeavours. Civilisations are built on hard work not on sleight of hand economics ala Greenspan. Thats is voodonomics not real economics.

Food must be put on the table, bodies filled, frames clothed,comfort provided. Only then will man will think of higher ideals, of building civilisations based on local ecologies, founded on local realities, anchored on indigenous values and beliefs. To transplant alien philosophies onto indigenous soils is an exercise in futility. Biological realities show us how organisms and plants introduced into native ecologies have either wrecked local habitats or failed to thrive. It is the same with social biology. If anyone wants to quibble with me on this, let it be remembered that Man is a holistic being, the spiritual, the economic, the biological, the chemical, the physical, the soical coalesced into one, existing symbiotically and synergistically with nature. Wise men know this "holism" while fools dichotomise holism for selfish, puerile purposes that ultimately debases the temple of self.

Let those who want to leave, leave for they, like you, are not averse to biting the hands that fed them. They are of no use, useless scum who bring no added value other than selfcentered narcissicm . Watch them running back, like drenched goats to their pens when the economic stormclouds unleash the maelstorm.......

Its time to go Razaleigh, the more you inveigh the more you make a fool of youself. Hop on that mustang with Old Nik and dissappear into the sunset of malaysian politics before you are unceremoniously dumped into the rubbish bin of history. And as your mustang trots to the eternal horizon, remember that the lost potential and frittered away opportunity does not reside in Malaysia but within your own arrogant self.

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