Friday, February 05, 2010

Why the World is in the Mess we are in Now

It is the stuff made for absurdist theatre. A global tragedy that beggars belief. If someone had told you 5 years back that the world would be teetering on the brink of financial calamity,of a meltdown of gargantuan proportions, you would have probably shooed him/her away as a cuckoo in search of an asylum. Bizarrely, that is what has precisely happened despite all the touted brains from Harvard, MIT, Oxbridge etc and all the financial mavens of Wall Street, London and Tokyo predicting the good times are here forever, that liberal democracy is the best cocktail in town and this indeed was a party of endless champagne. Well, it has happened and they have all scurried into their gutterholes to try to put finger as to why, trotting out more idiocy in the process.

So why are we in this mess, be it economically on a global scale or politically on a local scale? Precisely because we have left the rudder to idiots.For you see, the world is now a heaven for imbeciles to hawk their garbage be it in the form of economic analysis, political viewpoints, anthropological observations, legal bunkum or what have you. Stupidity reigns in gross surfeit and the stupid try their very best to outstupid their peers with even more dumber comments and observations.

Hence, you have shiploads of intellectual charlatans passing off the most asinine of comments and observations that are devoid of an iota of logic while they preen and prance about with their Phds, Fellowships etc on show to trick an even more stupid audience of morons and imbeciles. We have many such cases here locally, the idiot scumbag who pretends that he is the enfant terrible of the local sociology scene when even his most pithy comment would make Gadjah Mada squirm within his grave in Majapahit, the ponytailed specky weirdo who graces our Star with his wacko legal junk. Enter the oilyy-haired specky nerd from up North who thinks he God' gift to governance with his lying, feckless double-talk or the thought Sodomised Arse Buggered Moron (SABM) of a lawyer whose capacity to spout drivel is stupendous or the Senile Old Turban from Kelantan whose political contortions are so tortous that its a wonder he has not ended up as a shitjammed blithering wreck. to this collocation of local idiots, throw in the Greenspans, Browns, Geithners of this world and top it off with a rich helping of Obama and you have a dollop of codswallop waiting to give the sane logical world, a mighty what we are experiencing now.

Yes Siree, we are being lorded over by IDIOTS and one sign of Doomsday as the Prophet (pbuh and Hf) put it is when IDIOTS run amuck at the end of times with the imbecile naked thoughts.

Revert: And I havent even mentioned of the stupid pollies, the fawning advisers, the scumbag business guys and other forms of lowlives that we have in our midst here and elsewhere........


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