Monday, May 31, 2010

Government by the People for the Gangsters with the Gangsters

1.In issuing his high-falutin moral edict to prohibit the opening of more gaming outlets, Lim Guan Eng voiced concern on the negative impact of gambling :

"However, the Penang state government feels that the number of draws and special draws should not be too excessive and be reduced so that they do not become addictive and destructive to our healthy lifestyles.Penang state government is not in favour of the BN Federal Government decision early this month to award the sports betting license now in the interest of protecting the Malaysian social fabric and reducing the negative economic impact on them. We will be writing to the sport betting concessionaire to inform them of the Penang government’s decision."

2. tsk..tsk...tsk..what a humbug. This scounderel talks about healthy lifestyles etc and even waves subsection 101(v) of the Local Government Act as the dreaded Sword of Damocles.

3. However the selfsame bastard will not invoke the same subsection and cite subsection (s) section 102 of the LGA:

(s) to control and supervise, by registration, licensing or otherwise, including in proper cases by prohibition, a trade, business or industry which is of an obnoxious nature or which could be a source of nuisance to the public or a class of the public; available here

to curb prostitution or gay activities which I presume are wholesome physical activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and improve family bonding. Gurujis Anwar, Kitty and Nikki Aziz sure taught you well about the "virtues" of cunttunneling and arseholing , you scumbag of a Guano.

4. Moral grandstanding aside, the meat of the matter lies somewhere within all that fatty hypocrisy. 12 draws a week was cited. Imagine the impact of that figure on the business of other purveyors of betting. Yeah, the ones that dont pay gaming taxes and that are invariably linked to triad controlled syndicates who are in turn connected to certain parties.....political ones at that.

5.Likewise in Selangor, Mister Bastard of the hornrimmed glasses variety affects to burnish his Islamic credentials recently soiled in a self-dug quagmire. Alas, he forgets easily that his betting ban caper flounders in quicksand, given that he once caved in to the demands of a chingkie bastard adamant of peddling cheap grog to Muslims in Shah Alam with support of the resident PAS kaffir MP. In fact, both Muslim dragqueens slapped silly a hapless Hassan Ali (another PAS hypocrite) and rode roughshod over the syariah as they screamed mama miah at all that moolah flashed by that lawyer wallah. Bastard motherfuckers them all!. Soalan sama: kenapa tidak guna subseksyen (v) 101 dan subseksyen (s)102 LGA untuk tujuan premis arak . Oh..saya terlupa judi dan rumah urut haram lagi untungkan kekawan gangster, mana ada untung dalam samsu haram kecuali yang dijual dalam pek plastik kepada Melayu Islam, bukan begitu wahai khalids?!

6.Yet again, fat humbuggery is only so much a tub of lard that reeks the fart of a failed corporate upstart. In the final analysis, the selfsame cobwebs spun up north are also being spun down south by albino Black widows and tarantulas. Yeah, illegal betting controlled by chingkie triad syndicates linked to the coffers of certain parties. After all, what is a game of dice for clitlice who thrive dredging up rivers and carting away money in truckloads in broad daylight.

Moral: You can cheat some stupid and blinkered people once a while every 5 years but NEVER the enlightened rest at any point in time.

bastard : a despicable or contemptible scounderel

Revert: Change must be for the better. If it is for the worse or more of the same, better be save in the devil's s clutches than drown in the deep blue sea

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