Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PKR, Immaturity and Vengeance

" what has not been reported is that the more than three-hour conversation is also a lament by four grassroots party veterans about what has happened to the party. They talk about Zahrain's dictatorial tendencies and alleged corruption; about Zahrain's strong connections to Anwar; about Mansor's incompetence; about Malik's disgruntlement within the party; about party activities having gone quiet ever since Anwar was released from detention."

I smiled in amusement on reading here that PKR are preparing a grand expose of their defectors' sordid past. This to even things up for what their previously erstwhile pals had exposed about PKR and their grand chamberlain, Rabbi Anwar Ibrahim.The news came as no surprise as PKR and the opposition, in general, are incapable of critically analysing their own shortcomings. Given the absence of will to review their cadre recruitment process, ideology indoctrination methodology, leadership selection,power allocation and devolution, internal party communication channels, discipline and other membership and party related issues, the easy way out to hide their own failings and thus save their thick skins is to castigate the defectors as immoral and unethical traitors.

Selfstyled intellectual Syed Husin Ali started the ball rolling here, before the legal chickhawk Sivarasah Rasiah took up the cudgels and passed on the baton to Saifuddin Nasution who relayed it to Mummy Fuziah. Next up was, Wan Azizah who momentarily dropped a potential hot potato that was picked up and mashed by Nurul Izzah and her lackeys.

The end result is a ugly montage of 6 grownup crybabies throwing a feedtime tantrum and splattering the political corridors with an unseemly pastiche of corruption, selfishness, personal vendetta. To add a muhibbah feel in keeping with their dud Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia mantra, they invite a Chingkie boy, Lim Guan Eng to set off a few crackers of his own to save arse.The fact that all 6 party honchos took great pains to launch these attacks should worry the party faithful, if they have any brains up there.

Firstly, it shows an abject lack of ability to dissect the actual causes for the defections. Consistently, all defectors have chorused about Little Napoleons but no Waterloos have initiated to purge the innards of such scum.Instead, the whistleblowers had their whistles yanked off before they were unceremoniously hounded out of the party. Obviously, a clear sign that there is a vested interest amongst certain groups to protect certain dirty secrets come what may. My future post on selangor and instalments on penang will reveal how this is effected.

Secondly, it is a clear indication to all that PKR is actually a hodgepodge agglomeration of born losers, unprincipled individuals, immature neophytes and charlatans welded together in the workshop of expediency for the sole purpose of effecting.

Lastly, the childish reactions of the PKR leaders to their self-inflicted travails resonates that of the neighbourhood litlle tyke who will blame everyone but himself for a row of broken political windows.

Peekayrians might think it would be a fun idea to run down their now lifelong enemies. But they should be wary of the potential pitfalls along their bushtrack that are capable of leaving them and by extension, their fellow PaRians bushwhacked. Two reasons as to why:

1. 2 weeks ago while in Kulim for lunch with a close friend, I was given a preview of stuff that will leave husbands enraged, families crushed, careers smashed and parties wrecked. Photos, audios, videos, you name it, the other party has it. I am also privy to information pertaining to certain personalities, president downwards which when dribbled out will be akin to the rain pouring down them rafters.

2. The moral highground had long been undercut by PKR's self-hypocrisy. The excerpt above shows clearly that certain shenanigans were common knowledge but were hushed up as long the relevant personalities remained loyal lapdogs. An under the carpet solution ala corruption in Singapore aka as long as nobody can see it doesnt exist....hahahahaha. As an afterthought, now why would Zahrain quit the party when he was tarred with "corruption" as Aminah alleges? Obviously other more pressing issues related to governance forced him to bite the bullet.
(The same modus operandi prevailed in Selangor and Penang until itchy mouths blew the whistle (more on that later).

It would be a smart idea to give up the ghost on a lost cause. For when the past comes back to haunt and skeletons in the cupboard begin to rattle incessantly, the haunting might be psychologically traumatising and the din might get pretty unbearable. Scant consolation for seeking vengeance when even the seeking is reeking of amateurish, clownish immaturity.

Revert: As for the mega timebomb of (1), authentic and factual though they are, I will leave the party involved to plan the next move as I stick by my Islamic credo, ironically mouthed by a Turban kaffir, Nik Aziz bin Nik Mat in Hulu Selangor : "Orang Islam tak buka aib orang lain". You really meant that, Nikki? hahahahaha.....

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