Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am a Racist.........

An occasional reader of this blog, who for reasons of her own, wishes to remain incognito, wrote in the other day and accused me of being a slimy racist prat. Rather than be taken a back by a cheapskate insult as she would have expeceted, I was chuffed to bits by the backhanded compliment.

You see, I revel in people calling me racist.Am mighty proud of that appellation and prouder still that it came from a Chingkie bitch.Yes, dearie I am sooooo unlike those goddamn hypocrites out there who puke tolerance, acceptance, equality, humanity but who whisper racial slurs and vile epithets about the detested Other when out of earshot as they down drams of whisky at the Wharf, the Roof or wherever.

The fact of the matter is racism is alive and thriving in our every day actions and to claim otherwise is podsnappery of the worst kind. The moment you comment blasely like a know-it-all twithead about another's religious beliefs, cultural traits, dress sense or dietary habit is the moment you have crossed that fine invisible line into the hallowed grounds of racism.

Pretentious humbugs out there claim there is not a racist sinew in their constitution. Well, the good doctor must have loped off all including the one that props up their cocks or clits if that is to be believed. Under the pretext of rights and free speech, these scumbags will go out of their way to protect bastards but will bawl the world down if some other guy, like me, for instance indulge in our favie sport...race baiting.

Take for instance the case of the Namewee douchebag, yeah the uncircumcised and unwashed cocktip who besmirched our national anthem in the name of free expression. His video went viral within hours drawing close to 750k hits within 3 days of its posting and how was he feted by Chingkie scum Malaysia over for his socalled derring do. In fact, the Star ran a piece on him this year! Or look closely at the crowd at today's Thomas Cup finals. Wonder where did that Chingk army descend from? Maybe the guardian of Hades forgot to lock up the gates on his day off which explains all those ugly looking goffs staring blankly at the camera.And boy, were they screaming for Chingkieland? I guess it makes up for the pretentious pained outer expressions they wore to cover the gloating inner one they last Friday evening when the Malaysian squad of chingk "whores' keeled over and played possum and got butchered within 2 hours by motherland in front of MR Pee Hmmm. What a slap in the face! A premonition for Sibu, perhaps?

The fact of the matter is, none of Namewee's "pembelas" ever bothered to dissect the vile barbs contained within his nasty lyrics. Come to think of it, why should they, the racist pigs? For instance, no one ever stopped to to ask why in the hell was he berating the Azan or for that matter Malay Muslimi women in hijab if he was merely concerned about petty corruption. There was no linkage between the 2, anyone with at least a brain in his arse will tell you!

Yet, pompous bastards the nation over were falling heads over heels in love with this evil bete noire of Chingkie racism instead of giving him a public verbal spanking and a private physical bashing. In retrospect, that incident probably woke many of us up to the reality that the Ching racist bastards were finally scrambling out of the gutter onto the public stage with their Malay cocksucklers and Indian areselickers in tow and it was about time we, the Melayu bermaruah, responded in kind.

I dont give a damn as to what others so called rationalists, apologists, intellectuals and self styled liberal enlightened fuckers out there have to say. Me and my brother, Warrior 231 and our kiddo sister know the score. Sure, we can spout Shakespeare, Baudelaire, Rendra and quote Zola, Ibsen and AnantaToer while discussing the economics of Keynes, Sen and Krugman or the dialectics of Marx,the politics of Mahathir or the philosophies of Hegel and Kant as much as we are wont to delineate the merits of Syariah or explicate the tribulations of the Shia etc. After all, like the rest of the crowd we too can act civilised and clothe our racist innards with intellectual dross and existential floss just as the "libtard equality anti Malay/Muslim brigade" cloak their evil intent with facetious content. But we are equally at home in baring our racist fangs here and elsewhere and spew our venom in our inimitable way, if need be.

And to all those shameless hypocrites and hate mongers out there, here is a hate message of my own: I love being a racist and crawling around in my own skin beats strutting affectatiously around in a snakeskin hands down anytime anywhere.

So to that unoragsmised chick with a thick clit who wrote in her concern and those likeminded beatniks out there, beat it if u dont like it. Shoe your Jimmy choos and mosey over to Malaysia Today or the People's Parliament where you can discretely leave your anti-Malay/Muslim droppings anonymously before strutting out like the fake liberal faggots you really are to con the unsuspecting into believing how color blind you are. If only, it was really so! humbugs.

Revert: Kudos to the Korean girls who displayed clitmuscle and unleashed their cuntpower to powderpuff the chingkie arrogant whores in the Uber cup finals. The same cannot be said of the 'Malaysian" Thomas Cup chingkie brigade or were they playing for the other side? hahahaha. fact of the matter, i half expected that spineless and sinewless performance for after all personal glory is more important than national interests. Heard of Kiasu?

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