Monday, May 17, 2010

When Vultures Descend

A legal brat brags in his blog about his "daredevil" days during honeymoon year when sneaking out of the house in the dead of the night and painting the town red with his childish antics was the hallmark of juvenile heroism. He brags that he and his coterie of young punks ended up six pence none the worse for their mindless pranks cos, as he boasts, they all made it in life including one who ended up as a "big-time" accountant. Apparently, he is also shamelessly hinting at his own "success" with all that bragging about latenight monkeying and teenage bravado. He ends by asking what harm would a lout like him could do when out for a jaunt of "clean" fun and why, if that's the case, should the cops gun down, in cold blood, a teenager's flight of fancy. Well, the answer lies in the mirror if he dares to look into it. After all if his mum and dad didnt bother about the constipated piece of shit defecated onto some unfortunate obstet's hands, why should he and wifey bother about his evil spawn and why should that spawn and his wife of theirs in future? What he didnt say in so many words was what libtards the world over are baying from the rafters: irresponsibility, private or public, is the handmaiden of freedom and everybody better get used to it in this age of unfettered human rights , period.

It is precisely "grownup" kids like this diablo who have decimated the system's credibility and spawned the social problems we have in our midst today with their childish libtard cravings and dysfunctional morality. Brought up as spoilt brats and ingrained with the notion that the world is theirs for the taking come what may , these kiasu spuds have an affectatious swagger to go with their empty brains and their itchy crotches. This bunch of morally bankrupt idiots are precisely the monkeys who would demand the keys of unfettered bliss and proceed to unlock the gates of Hades. In their rule book, there is no such thing as discipline, parental responsibility, personal responsibility, self-control etc.

Anything goes for them, what more for adrenaline-fueled pimply adolescents who have crossed the threshold of childhood into the hall of youth. Who cares if someone unlicensed is weaving through traffic like a fiend in someone else's car without the owner's permission? Who cares if he grazes other people's vehicles and endanger their lives? Why bother when he ignores warning shots to pull over? After all, he aint killed anybody yet and if he does, bad luck to the victim. How dare some question whether a 15 year old kid should be "drifting" in the streets of Shah Alam at 3am in the morning? Why should parents bother about their kids after all that would infringe on the kid's individual rights to mess up things, right?

6 months ago, in his People's Parliament blog, the selfsame idiot lawyer came to the defense of a teen who had murdered her own baby, waxing lyrical of a wayward teenager being failed by the system for knowingly suffocating her newborn in a plastic bag! I assume the baby didnt stand a chance at all in more ways than one. After al,l it doesnt have any rights in the perverted equation that selfstyled human rights activists, like this scum espouse. Besides, who asked it to worm into that womb in the first place as if it didnt have any other coccoon to grow and morph in. Moreover, it was just a baby, a Malay Muslim baby at that, so who cares unless its some chingkie fart.

Aminul Rasyid is just a teenager who flouted manmade law and tempted Allah made fate to selfcheckmate his young life. His mother grieves over an admittedly tragic loss that no mother would wish for but move on she must if she seeks closure for her own sake and for the wayward spirit of her dead son to make its peace with its Maker. And in that closure may she find peace for her own shortcomings as a parent and as an individual.

But if she allows Mr Lawyer and his coterie of evil men to descend like vultures to peck on the carcass of her personal tragedy for their cheapskate Warholian moments of selfglory and make some manna in the bargain, then I am afraid, she will be forever leashed to a personal anguish just as TBH's parents are now tethered to the umblical cord of their child's tragic demise. A year ago, I wrote about how some painful personal and political truths totally unpicked the already frayed mind of a young man caught in a labyrinth of deceit and treachery, nudging him to the edge of despair and eventually ushering him through some imaginary window and out of the doorways of life to seek peace beyond the grave . Dr Pete Venezis confirmed that with the cold stark facts that had been nonchalantly staring at everyone from day one. But some people had to satiate their fetish for the macabre and had him dug up for a seance with a bitch of a witch.Scant consolation for a life used and disposed like a piece of tissue even in death.

Aminul probably drove his teenage angst through the roadblocks of sanity, ignoring the imploring shots of reason and succumbing eventually to the bullet of the law. He took with him forever the reasons for his rush of blood. His mother would probably have to live down the fact that somewhere in the faded fabric of the past, a knot was left untied that eventually unraveled in the present. Probably chest deep in remorse, the only way out of the unexpected gush of grief was to ford her personal flood of anger and reach for the hands of vengeance offered by immoral opportunists.

It could have been different...if only certain people had the decency and humanity to leave a mother alone to nurse her personal loss, clear her befogged brain and accept the inevitable. But no they simply couldnt and wouldnt, and we have a good cop with an unblemished record brought low by calumny, a crazed mother seeking undeserved apology and a dedicated selfless force cowed by the weight of publc opinion whipped up by vultures cackling for more carrion.

Revert: Save for a military coup (withour usurping our monarchy as in Thailand) and the selective targeted culling of troublemakers ala Aubission, I cant see Pandora's box being resealed anytime soon.

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