Saturday, May 08, 2010

Penang in Decline (Part 2) or a Double Pesta of Tennis Kings and Wrecked Livelihoods

Everything about Penang is either broken or falling apart. From the broken faucet and leaking cistern at the Bayan Lepas International Airport to rubbish strewn Gurney Drive, potholed roads, surly MPPP workers, Penang reeks of an unfathomable existential angst. Perhaps it is the new dawn thats spreading its rays of despair, shining forth its light on the broken promises, shattered dreams and shards of disillusionment spawned by a racist megalomaniac intent on playing to the gallery rather than serving the public.

Walkig to Padang Kota with Roslan and Firdaus was akin to strolling down a memory lane of broken promises. Gesturing at the rubbish strewn, unkempt field,Roslan narrated about the "Kings of Tennis" fiasco and wondered aloud when action against the culprits and the state government linked honcho who waived mandatory MPPP fees would commence, if ever. I told him to forget it as the events organiser was a Chingkie sexy chickhelmed outfit and no way was Mr Chief Mminister gonna act unless it involved a hapless Malay granddame of an Aminah.After all what was the value of a rock dry menopausal cunt compared to a lubricated juicy clit in the "eyes" of a failed accountant's cock.

Firdaus mused about losses during the double Pesta scam in 2008 and was puzzled as to why the guy fingered as the culprit was still holding on to his exco post. Once again, I had to reassure him that no action would be against a 'broken English' idiot and he would have to live with his losses as would the many Malay hawkers who have seen their livelihood reduced to a rubble of broken planks, trashed furniture and smashed crockery before their very eyes.

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