Sunday, May 09, 2010

How to Commit Political Harakiri - Malay style.

By refusing to get involved in the Kelantan royal rumble while indirectly sanctioning the actions of its law enforcement agency, the government is not doing any favours to its own credibility except to PAS' and that of PKR/DAP's 'republican' wings.

No longer can UMNO claim to be a protector of royal institutions when a royal himself is beinf subjected to shoddy treatment in the eyes of onlookers. I expect PAS to go to town with the claim that UMNO can no longer protect a Malay institution while at the same time enjoying the fringe benefit of having its preferred choice ( a " Tok Guru pondok" educated royal) occupying the Kelantan throne.

Things would have been better perceived in the Malay heartlands if UMNO and by extension BN and all government agencies had desisted completely from intervening in a strictly private royal affair.As it stands now, the involvement of medical and other personnel seem to be in favour of the PAS state government's designs while the DAP holds fort on the other side of the fence by providing legal expertise. Heads you lose, tails you lose, UMNO.

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