Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time to Act Against Murtads and Other Troublemakers

Rights advocacy groups in Malaysia should be made aware that their ignorant and wilful trespassing into matters related to Islam is a potential trigger for social anarchy. More often than not, these groups camouflaged as human rights advocates or civil society proponents are helmed by kaffirs who have a vested interest in besmirching the sanctity of Islam for their own partisan ends and diabolical agendas. The fact that their Kaffirism is further augmented by a total ignorance of Islam is a tell-tale sign that these groups have no right to critique let alone attempt madcap reforms of existing Islamic institutions, belief systems, liturgy etc.

Anti-Islam in orientation, these motley bands of social misfits, born losers and free loading libtard sponges have in the last decade adopted a different strategy as they embarked on a confrontational stance vis-a-vis Islam. This basically revolves around the co-opting and exploitation of "Islamic" personages to further their agenda. However try as they might, these groups cannot mask thier duplicity in employing munafiks and kaffirs to further their nefarious designs. Take for instance the so-called "Muslim" speakers who took part in yesterday's Bloggers Universe Malaysia's annual "open-day" fiasco regarding the kalimah Allah issue. A cursory glance at their Islamic credentials will reveal to all and sundry that these scounderels are in reality kaffirs for their shameless advocacy that the use of kalimah Allah be permitted amongst idolatrous Catholics and other likeminded polytheists.
In fact, their kaffirism is affirmed by their own political master, Hadi Awang, who in his book 'Aqidah Muslim' (GC Era Publishers; 1989), outlined with evidence from the Quran and the Hadith that Muslim individuals who associated the asma-alhusna (the revered names of Allah) of "Allah" with polytheistic practices and deviant teachings proscribed by Allah azza wa jalla and the prophet (SAW) are automatically shirk or polytheists and are hence apostates (murtads) who have joined the ranks of the Kaffirun (Infidels). As a matter of fact, one of those kaffirs in that coterie had long left the pale of Islam as that laknatullah has long supported muslim apostates like Lina Joy et al, championed heretics and polytheists like the Ahmadis and Ayah Pin whilst issuing deviant fatwas on the fast (saum), the rearing of dogs etc. Lately, he has instigated another potential murtad to bypass the Syariah Court in order to affirm his apostacy.
The punishments for such blatant apostacy as practiced by the invited speakers would have been death under Syariah law but since such punishment has not been incorporated into the local syariah code, it would have better if these bastards' opinions not been aired and they be left to stew in their own shit. By granting them a podium to vent their blasphemies, BUM had effectively lost the goodwill of the wider Muslim public who are righteously angered by these bastards' antics. Imagine the perception of the audience who would have been obviously hoodwinked by the bogus Islamic credentials flaunted by these bastards.
Would it be fair to blame the audience, if they come away with the notion that Islam actually allows the misuse of the kalimah "Allah", that Islam is blase to the Kaffirs illegal expropriation of Islam-specific terms, that the position taken by the government and the vast majority of Muslims is a manifestation of extremism and blind fanaticism etc. Why should Muslims be intransigent when their "fellow" "Muslims" are amenable to besmirching Allah and when these "Muslims" are from an Islamic party or known for their liberal interpretations of the faith?
By allowing these bastards to spew their ignorance in public and by default compromising the sanctity of Islam, BUM has done a great disservice to the Muslim fight to preserve the sacredness of Kalimah "Allah". Did BUM consider the pertinent issues:
1. the subjudice nature of the whole affair
2. the transgression of constitutional provisions safeguarding the position of Islam and the Syariah courts.
3. the moral obligation of preserving social harmony
I gather that BUM has been infiltrated by gutter garbage sponsored by the same Civil Society movement that supports the Kaffirs and Murtad Muslims I mentioned above. It is this element that has been instrumental in dragging a legal issue into public debate in a bid to shortcircuit any disadvantageous court verdict as well as massage public opinion. It is time that Muslim bloggers affiliated to BUM resign from this outfit as civil engagement is a two way street not to be dictated by any quarter.
I call on the government to invoke the relevant provisions of the Sedition Act and throw the book at the relevant culprits . Alternatively, the Murtads should be tried under syarie law after amendments be made to allow stoning to death or beheading of defiant murtads. I also call on the government to revoke the citizenship of kaffirs through provisions vested under Article 25 Clause 1 (a) read with Article 26 B (2) with emphasis on the phrase "public good" . To do nothing. would further cement the notion prevailing amonsgt the Muslim majority that the government is fast abdicating its responsibilities to the Malay/Muslim whose status of special position (ketuanan) is enshrined in the 1957 Constitution which was agreed upon by all races pursuant to an unwritten Social Contract.
It goes without saying amongst all sane Muslims that Almighty Allah needs no defending whatsoever but His Wrath on blasphemers, deviants, heretics and other like minded mental sickos is effected through His Creation itself and that is a Sunnatullah. It can be effected via his natural Khalifahs in the form of the prolonged drought drying up the innards of Kelantan or a storm or an earthquake, floods or other natural calamities. Or it can be effected through his human Khalifahs, men and women dedicated to preserving the sanctity of Allah's religion even with their lives.
And when the Wrath of Allah is conducted through His human agents, then those arrogant bastards, their kith and kin, their supporters and other transgressors (zalimun) better be prepared for the repurcussions for retribution for unprovoked meddling is death and destruction. It is Allah's way of cleansing Creation off its human abominations as echoed in this paraphrased translation of the relevant verse:
"Bukan engkau yang memedang tetapi Allah; bukan engkau yang memanah tetapi Allah........"
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