Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why Singaporaens Dont Remember Any Goh Keng Swees aka Tall on Lies, Short on Facts

I laughed at the stupidity of the Chingkie old fart, Seah Ching Nee as he lamented as to why Singaporeans to a large extent had forgotten the "good deeds" of LKY's former sidekick, Goh Keng Swee in yesterday's Star column "Insight Down South".

Fact of the matter is Chingkie bastards down in that island are now Internet savvy and accessibility to information have stripped the myths surrounding Keng Swee's supposed role in Singapore's development. In fact, a substantial number of Singaporeans privately admit that GKS had little or no role at all in the Singapore story save as the henchman of LKY in enforcing repressive laws and turning the ex-colonial outpost into a Shangrila of Chingkie racism.

A substantial number too privately acknowledge the role of Albert Winsemius in shaping modern Singapore from a S$1600 per capita trading economy in 1966 (the 2nd highest in Asia after Japan's) to its current status. Yeah. good foundations laid by the British, courtesy of their weakness for Chingkie cocksucklers, arselickers and feet-bound whores, astutely exploited further by the Dutchman economist from the UN.

It would do Seah a world of good if he quits blabbering ad nauseum of tall-tale stories bequethed down the generations by short cheongsam clad grandmotherly whores peddling the world's oldest profession in Geylang, Bugis or Chinatown. Instead he should do the decent thing of at least introducing Mister Winsemius to the public if he has any journalistic integrity left, failing which he should quit his LKY and co. cocksuckling ways and gag himself on his own cum.

Revert: I am sure any sane human being will beg to agree, much in the same way as any web-wired denizen will laugh at the rags to riches tall tales of the kuoks, the boon siews, the goh tongs et al.

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