Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today is May 13. Lest I sound a tad too repetitious, it is widely regarded as a tragic day for the national psyche, a day when the socalled accumulated angst of one community was released upon the vile taunts of another. But is that all there is to this date?

Historians and politicians alike have scrambled to give their multifarious take on this "Day of Infamy" when perhaps the fiery sun glared angrily at the unfolding orgy and the bloodred moon tearfully blinked at the ensuing tragedy. It may have been a tragedy for both the real and the abstract but the memory of May 13 should not be besmirched by spineless Malay apologists. For in truth, May 13 was a day of glory for the Malay race. A day when we broke the shackles of "makan hati" and taught a vile and uncivilised enemy on how to behave in Tanah Melayu, of adab, of budi, of sopan santun and all the other values that only a refined, Melayu bermaruah can coax to life with uncanny grace and unsurpassed dignity.

Yes, it was a day when our warrior spirit reigned supreme, when we lifted our keris high and said enough is enough to a mocking decade of racial jibes, of lost territorial integrity; of defiled religion: of leftist taunts. and the enenmy was so crushed in the wake of our unbound rage that it remained leashed for a good 35 years before events unfurling in its favour reignited the dying embers of its subjugation dream.

It was a day when the long kindled yet controlled spirits of Mat Kilau, Datuk Bahaman, Dol Said, Maharajalela et al flared into a mighty conflagaration. A moment when the Malays coalsced collectively as an unstoppable force of nature, swinging their machetes in the whistling wind to decapitate an uncouth race, thrusting their daggers in the throbbing heat to stab a demonic beast, firing their bullets in the tumultous storm into the heart of darkness; Man and nature united in action; wedded in spirit, a symphony to behold. The streets of KL may have been awashed in blood, the price to pay for the birth of a new order. A pregnant selfdoubt replaced by a wail of self affirmation, a new tomorrow born on the debris of failed yesterdays.

It was the confirmation of the Malay martial and political reawakening, to dovetail our cultural resurrection of 1961 and our economic rebirth of 1967. It was the apogee of our cherished dream, to reclaim this beloved land from the soiled palms of the interloper and his apologist stooges. 12 years will pass before the awaited Malay political Messiah will be enthroned but May 13 1969 was the beginning of that journey. He will lead us through 22 years of unsurpassed prosperity, a true Malay Warrior attuned to every heartbeat of his race, angry at every weakness they engendered yet sensitive to their every hope and dreams. He gave his all, body and soul but few remember his deeds..truly Melayu mudah lupa" but NOT Melayu Bermaruah for he will never walk alone in our midst.

Today, the wheel has turned for the once tethered dog is baring its fangs, instigating many with its barks and whipping discontent with its fiendish howls. Many Malays have succumbed, stripped of their worth by its wily guile and undressed of their honour by its dastardly ways. Cunning the dog may be in wangling money for its ghettoed dens, in seducing unsuspecting fools into its satanic temples but savvy it aint when confronting the real Malays. For it knows that beneath silence lurks hate, that beyond the smile lies the scowl.

May 13 remains a day to savour, a moment in time fossilised for posterity. Apologists may recolour it any which way they like but they can never seize its spirit, capture its soul or snuff its fire. It remains burning in the Melayu Bermaruah and burn it will through generations more, for, as long as the Melayu Bermaruah breathes, the flame of redemption will burn bright within his breast. And for all that, I, like every Melayu Bermaruah everywhere will remember May 13 as a day of glory, a day when every Malay worth his salt will remember with affection NOT recolour it away as an embarassing stain on his psyche for to do that would tantamount to historical blasphemy. Are you a heretic enough Malay to surrender to cloying revisionism. I hope not!!

Revert: Pissed of by the decision to call off the GERTAK gathering but its their call and dont be surprised if Chingkie SRJK(C) educationists and temple mediums alike laugh at our spineless selves.

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