Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Malaysian Chingkie; Good Riddance to Bad Putrid Garbage Is Well Nigh

It felt good to read that the obnoxious and superior than thou local chingkie population will soon be as extinct as the Sumatran Rhino in these parts come 2050 or so. Wong Chun Wai’s condescendingly lame attempt at foisting the blame on government policies would have been laughable if it had appeared in some obscure and jingoistic Chingkie regional daily. That such racist rantings are allowed in a mainstream rag neuters Wong’s pathetic insinuations of discrimination being the root cause for the disappearing Chingkie.

The truth of the matter is that Chingks are poor procreators who view sex more as a recreational and social status thingy rather than a wholesome tool of love and reproduction. Ask any chingkie and he will admit to the fact that his social worth is measured by the number of mistresses/concubines he has rather than the number of kids he begot. Of course, your typical nosepicking, spitting Chingkie pal would not admit of the whorehouses he has frequented or the China dolls he had bedded for he would rather prefer yapping about his warehouses of counterfeit goods and pirated VCDs plus his latest hoard of imitation Barbie dolls. At times Chun Wai’s drivel sounds like a Kit Siang tract, I stumbled upon recently but since when a Chingkie has ever been original in thought or action? He moans about education costs like a typical loser but carps little about the exorbitant 850K a chingkie will dole out for a two storey shack in KL or Penang or the 700k for the swank jalopy he cruises around in. Now with all that money, education costs should be a breeze wouldn’t it but no the Chingkie wants a freebie at the poor native’s expense. What a fucked up race who cant get its priorities right! And to demand respect as if it’s his demon-granted right must surely take the cake. Only a fool would give two hoots let alone kowtow to a parasitic race.

That Helen Ang, a local chingkie Christ-spouting libtard, laments about the eventual demise of the Chingkie as a demographic stat is even more laughable for here we have a Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia junkie of a groupie talking nostalgically about her disappearing race as if it should matter in the first place. What Chun Wai, Helen and their fellow douchebags refuse to acknowledge is the fact that the Chingkie is loyal to no one except to his illgotten stash of manna and his porky kiasu self. Why, he is even leaving Singapore in droves for he cannot compete with the new migrants there! Show me a successful world-class Chingkie company with an original innovation or invention to speak of and I will show you a unicorn.

Conscientious tax payers, my foot! If ever was there a list of the most consummate and immoral tax cheats, the Chingkie would top the charts outwitting even the wily Jew. The tales of chingkie tax evasion are legion. Intellectual property dues are not paid for his counterfeits, the tale of the roadside hawker owning three or more properties yet under-declaring his takings is legendary Add to that the unpaid dues wrought by illegal hawking, the fobbing off of cheap Thai and China wares dumped here as originals, his crazy speculative activities and we are talking of billions being siphoned out of the economy. Mind you, we haven’t added in the profits of all that Ah Longing, prostitution rackets, illegal gambling/betting, the economic destruction of his commie antics and the list goes on. No chingkie would care to admit to all these shameful shenanigans, that would be expecting too much of a shameless race, Instead, he would talk of earning a honest living, of sweat off the brow stuff or of rags to riches grandmother tales. He would not say anything about the cocksuckling and cozying up to the Brits and his toadying for contracts, tin-mining licenses, cheap land, opium licenses, whorehouse permits etc. that would uncloak him for what he is worth - a suckler for Brit style affirmative action but an inveterate whinger if the shoe is on the other foot.

The eventual passing of the Chingkie from these parts is a long awaited blessing. He was nothing more than a blight on our socioscape. An unwelcome staiin on our once glorious history, who did not bring any added value save for fomenting political strife, for causing economic depredation and for spawning social problems. The day that reality dawns is when we all can exhale a huge sigh of relief and shout in unison: “good riddance to bad rubbish” and break into paroxysms of laughter.

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Anonymous said...

Nice entertaining rant, even for a chink like myself.

The fact is that people from different cultures have different priorities, not least in terms of how they spend their money. So for some of us, to splurge on housing for a shorter commute may not be construed as having misplaced priorities. Then again, ridiculous house prices abound in KL and PG.

I do not know what Mr Wong aims to achieve, but what he is doing is futile and a waste of newspaper print...