Sunday, June 06, 2010

Anwar- Poseur,Charlatan, Chameleon, Thespian, and many other -ians

It turned out to be quite a week for Anwar Ibrahim. A week when he had to dig deep into his acting repertoire to leave the desired impact on his adoring bumpkins.
He kicked it off with a dash of cunning, followed it up with spoonful of showboating before sprinkling some mischief into the political concoction he was brewing. Then he went into a momentary hiatus to let things simmer a awhile as he exited backstage for a change of costume. He reemerged to add a drop of comic before topping it off with a touch of the sinister. And through it all , he affected his usual sickeningly ugly deadpan. It was all so effortless…… superbly chameleonic and shamelessly hypocritical but then truth is just another shade of colour for this unprincipled idiot with kingly dreams.

He began by adroitly distancing himself from his old bosom buddies with a classic tiger woodish sleight of hand lest they reveal anything damaging . And before you could bat an eyelid, voila! he was there showboating with his wife for the cameras lest any negativity should emerge about the family hearth next, he dropped a 2 million teaser to satiate his gossip-lorn faithful and true to cue those rumour addicts lapped it up like the blue riband morons they really are,.

Then, he slipped into hiatus, projecting a steely faced weary eyed demeanour as he trudged through the hallways of justice. And before you could say whatthefuck, there was Anwar Ibrahim burnishing his tarnished Islamic credentials by leading a crowd of fellow munafiks to rail against the hated Jews on Friday. Finally, he rounded off a peculiarly square week by issuing a threat to drag Malaysia kicking and screaming onto the international for her supposed electoral transgressions.

What makes Anwar Ibrahim a ‘riveting’ news item is a million-rupiah arsescratching conundrum. For all intents and purposes Anwar is a nonentity In terms of policy initiatives, intellectual muscle or …..that he lacks the knowhow to tackle complicated economic issues is well-known given his own capital control fiasco of 1994 and his legendary attempt to conduct a mass jumble sale with the Illuminati motherFuckers (IMF) as auctioneers back in 1998. As for the 30 billion currency hit , the less said the better. The fact that his ill advised liberalization initiatives in the 1990s primed us for 1997 is well-documented but not well-whispered is well known The only saving grace seems to be the balanced budget s but that was a yawn in bed given the inflow of hot money and Daim’s hard work in reining in the budget deficit wrought by Razaleigh during his profligate days.

So what is so attractive of that junk bond named Anwar Ibrahin for anyone to see value in it? The answer lies in an unfounded fear factor that ironically gives the bond its value. You see, Anwar is nothing if you just ignore him for what he is worth. Nothing, Zilch, Zero. Instead of ignoring his antics, our government goons inexplicably seem to confer this immoral savage , a mystical nobility by constantly harping on his mischief making. In a throwback to the Cold War era when the UUSR was constantly projected as a threat to justify the US military-industrial complex, Anwar is used to rally the faithful of the threat without, a phantom threat in reality.

It is a fact that Anwar is as bogus as they come. Take for instance his antics last week. Wasn’t he on record before as being pained of being let down by Zahrain, Zul Noordin and to a lesser extent Sallehuddin and Halili. Even his daughter had expressed exasperation about Halili? Arent those all signs of “closeness”?. His mischief of the 2 million should be seen in the context of the 6 boxes of evidence, the Sept 2008 failed coup d’etat, his assurances about Fairus, his lies in Parliament about the economy, his 1Israel 1Malaysia, APCO,trilogy of false analogies. Even a diehard pro-pakatan blogger, who recently BUMlied like a true blue lawyer regarding his affiliations, has expressed exasperation over Anwar's childish antics here.

Aren’t all those sufficient evidence that here is a guy who talks through his anus given that his proof are mere spoofs and are as threadbare as his intellect? Look at how, he cleared the incompetent Khalid by harping about clean governance when the saner ones amongst us including everyday Mikes knows better. Yet despite all these bumbles, wobbles and stumbles, he is given acreage on newscapes and coverage in blogspace. (There is a welter of reasons for this which I will explicate in my next take on the arsewholian bΓͺte noire of Malaysian politics…sorry for wasting another bagful of pixels on this dumbass but it needs to be done to expose how stupid fanatics can get when a charlatan gets them to peck shit off his palms and what that says of local civil society).

Muslim, Malaysia over, know for a fact that Murphy’ perverse Law regarding his actual deity stems from the ardent support of munafiks and murtads like Anwar, Khalid Samad, Hadi Awang, Zulkefli et al. That the congregation in Masjid Jamek allowed this murtad to lead them to shout inanities in streets is reflective both of their iman and intellect. In fact, who is Anwar but a supporter for the continued existence of Israel ( the illegitimate baby of the American pimp and his British whore) as I have pointed out with evidence 2 years back. Makes you wonder how a murtad can manipulate a bunch of unthinking clots to go for a lark in the park, all thunder and bluster but precious little flounder to show for all that bark!!

And finally, wasn’t Sibu another evidence of how free elections are in these parts, to go with the heady days of 2008 and those pony shows in Bukit Gantang, KT etc

Anwar is a bathetic pathological liar, a blasphemous heretic and an ignoramus all rolled into one mouldy Swissroll. He is a nonentity brought into entity by a bunch of nincompoops, a posse of lapdog journalists an adoring fanbase of leeches, losers and life’s plastic hangers plus a hapless, illiterate and ignorant rabble. Intelligent people wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole let alone paddle close . Muslims will steer clear as munafiks and murtads flock near. It is time, this speck of shit be shown the exit for to spend time and resources reacting to an idiot is not a hall mark of wisdom.

For all intents and purposes let charlatans, poseurs, chameleons and sundry kek lapises to shout their angst from the soapbox as long as they do not prejudice National Security, Eventually, they will choke on the cum of their venom and die an unnatural death.

Revert: All said and done, a week can be a long time in politics but a short while for fools, jesters and and m stagecoach thespians

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