Saturday, June 19, 2010

Article 48 - as blinding as sunlight and as bright as a spotlight at night

It is blindingly bright as sunlight that one's roleplay as a Malevolent Politician is over when one touches a 2k fine for one's bestial antics. Chomping a policeman like a wayward mangy mongrel is by itself beneath the dignity of any selfrespecting human what more a socalled honourable member of the most august chamber of secular politics. Any individual with honour would have quit pronto but then again we are not dealing with a human. Rather we are facing an unleashed rabid canine with a long history of puppyish histrionics. A notoriously uncouth cur inhabiting a sty of a personal kennel littered with publicity stunts, an unenviable record smudged with convictions and detentions and a dissolute lifestyle peppered with broken hearts, suspected philandering, salacious trysts and immature tanrums. Oh... the joys of being the enfant terrible of 'new dawn' politics......

So why must the individual concerned pathetically insist on clinging shamlessly onto a public position at the expense of all law abiding taxpayers. Has he no moral sinew to do the obvious rather than compelling others to deliver the inevitable coup de grace? Maybe, the submerged wreck of the repurcussions of his brazen act has pierced his conscience and emptied his courage that he is now reduced to a gibbering coward lopped off his cockmuscle.

The law is crystal clear. Even a kindy kid can decipher " not less than 2K" to mean 2ooo and more. That, the scumbag has not resigned honourably and is instead prepared to slug it out utilising every linguistic acrobatics available and every legal vulture amenable is indicative of the immorality that pervades opposition politics today. From outright liars, tall tale peddlars, corrupt administrators to sex fiends and exhibitionists, religious deviationists, and serial law-breakers , you name it, they have it in their racks in all shapes and sizes .

Perhaps the guy (and his party)fears the ultimate humiliation of being discarded like the gutter garbage he is by the now enlightened man in the street and perhaps the other side is leery of another rejection given the slimeball ungrateful Chingkie rabble lying in wait. Perhaps the guy's desperate clingy response stems from a troubled past or is in sync with the key tenets of his "maruahless" Chingkie unethical universe. Perhaps his true balless nature is peeping from within the nervous wreckage of a morally empty shell. Too many perhaps doeth a mishap make........

Whatever it is, the Law is the Law as much as the Constitution is the Constitution and the ratiional public antidote to irreverent private nonsense is the ballot box. A bastard (slang for scounderel or despicable person) has brought the legislature into public odium. We have had one too many shenanigans and it is time we say enough is enough by shoveling this dirt into the dumpsite where he truly belongs. and as he rots away into oblivion, perhaps he will understand the meaning of proper behaviour. Or is he capable of that, I wonder?

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