Sunday, June 20, 2010

Begging to Remain A "Grandfather"

4 individuals were defrocked of their social pride. Chastened by the public humiliation, 3 retained a modicum of dignity by quietly returning their awards without raising much of a hue and cry. However 1 mortified by his self-inflicted wounds, throws a childish tantrum by casting phantom accusations on innocent parties. What is even more absurd and comical is that his assertions are not supported by a shred of evidence. It is clear that the trannie is crying rape without even a sperm drop of fact to back his claims, a girlish attempt to coral public sympathy now that “she” has lost her virginity through her own doing.

If he is the wronged party what about the other three? Were they too stripped of their social pride through the dastardly shenanigans of the same party? Amazing isn’t it how that party can exert such influence over a royal house renowned for its fierce independence? If he was stripped through such purported machinations, then it is logical to assume that he was clothed in glory through similar devious manouvres as well. That would cast his claims of public service as the determinant in a different light, wouldn’t it? A mere confirmation that all his assertions regarding his public service record were nothing more than hollow yelps of a social mongrel resonating with self praise and false pride.

Why is he so upset? Is the loss of all those pangkats physically debilitating now that he has been divested of his tongkats during his dotage? Isn’t he from a party that claims to be the purveyors of social egalitarianism? Wasn’t it that not long ago, when those bastards railing against the monarchy on account of being constitutionally disemboweled in Perak?

Perhaps he cannot help himself as his transplanted boat people origins inevitably rises to the fore, revealing the axiom that for all his pretense “ ill manners is the norm, affected social graces is temporary” is an apt pronouncement for the uncouth ‘ kurang ajar’ barbarian he truly is. Perhaps he is caviling like an unorgasmised bitch in heat ‘coz those honorifics kept his puny ego inflated in public gaze and their removal probably deflated it into non-existence. Or perhaps they conferred him a false sense of arrogance and power which he leveraged upon for his and his minions’ own ends. That wouldn’t seem far fetched, given his fellow racist bigot is also all agog over his possible loss of an elected position. Yeah, a position which he used to strut his humungous ego on the public stage and peddle influence in return for favours, both material and sexual.

Most probably, it is just desserts for affecting smug satisfaction that his pseudo-Malay cocksucklers had shamelessly capitulated to his Christo demands regarding the use of kalimah “Allah” in deference of his “emperor” status – a cockless kowtowing to Chingkie subjugation. Most definitely, it is yet another illustration of how ‘maruahless’ pendatang scumbags are when it comes to social niceties and protocol. In two words : No class!!

In another time , the idiot would have been literally stripped , naked that is, and lynched in the public square before a spear is driven through his arse and his corpse strung up, like the carcass of a pariah dog, from the nearest banyan for having the temerity to commit lese majeste. He is lucky that he is not living in feudal times but there are legal provisions available to leash this rabid cur from disturbing our neighbourhood peace with its mad barking and shit stirring. It is there within the state and the Federal constitutions. Charge , convict and flog him for claiming false martyrdom when he is nothing more than a wench-descended glob of spittle deserving of our collective disgust. For he doeth complain too much like a born again woeman.

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