Friday, August 20, 2010

Reflections on Truth : The Strange Case of Messrs Teoh Beng Hock and Mrs. Porn

While the carrion is being buzzed by maniacally homicidal flies and maggots, let us sieve through the rest of Mrs Porn's testimony to determine whether its is the fool's gold it really is. Several intriguing findings emerge:

1. Despite her vehement denial that she ever mentioned manual strangulation in her first testimony, news report from all angles infer that was so, here, here, here, and from the slut's own words here:

“From the post-mortem picture, I found that there was a contusion on the right side of the neck, which we (pathologists) call a handle bruise, and this injury is compatible with injury caused by manual strangulation,” said Dr Porntip, who has conducted more than 10,000 post-mortems.

Come to think of it, why in hell would Pete Venezies inexplicably comment on strangulation if Mrs Porn didnt bring it up in the first instance?

Her subtle shift to denial mode may have been due to 2 factors:

a. the 2nd post-mortem comprehensively ruled out strangulation as the post-mortem (in which she was a participant-observer) report indicates.

b. To pursue the strangulation angle would be a bit far fetched given the hyoid bone was intact and the one last avenue of hope in that direction closed the door firmly in her face.And pray what was that?

Well, it was her examination of the corpse's eyelids for evidence of pettachie or haemorhagging which revealed nothing.

Q: why must be examining for pettichae under the eyelids if not in a desperate search for strangulation signs.

It was a gamble of course, one in which she calculated "mmmm..hyoid, localised bruising show nothing, maybe just maybe ....pettichae beneath those eyelids might save my arse and resurrect my murder theory!

She gambled, her legal thugs covered up for her. No one pursued the "why must search?' line of questioning, the opportunity passed and like that absurd Mahidol ranking assertion which went ridiculously unchallenged, this chance too went abegging and she walked scotfree.

And pettichae would be my recurring theme in my next instalment, where it will be conclusively shown that pure conjectures do not a fact maketh.

Buffalo: this is getting to be fun...moooooooooooooooore master mooooooooooooooooooooooore

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