Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nurul Izzah Anwar Ibrahim: Melayu Kurang Ajar Incarnate

Well, folks I am glad to be back but sad to be confronted by more garbage from the likes of Mrs. Prime Minister wannabe, Nurul Izzah binti Anwar Ibrahim. My personal belief is that NI is a victim of her own press- a dolt led to believe its own lauded "intellectual superiority" by the ovations it elicits from a gallery of Chinese chauvinists and supremacists, religion and culturally disemboweled Malay anarchists masquerading as liberals, the heretical lebai and purdah sesats crowd and sundry charlatans, poseurs and pathetics eternally burdened with a"blame everyone else but me" mentalities.

One could have excused her idiocy for amateurishly attempting to denigrate one of the sacrosanct cornerstones of the Federal Constitution if it had been done inadvertently given her natural imbecility or her rambling punchdrunk cogitations had been the handiwork of her personal maid, masseuse or a lowly paid party hack. But one's leniency flies the coop when her subsequent persistence in her favie gutter rag (mysinchew) evinces a pigheaded determination to economically disenfranchise and marginalise the Malays in their own land! . And the fact that she resorts to blatant plagiarism would surely reflect poorly on the already absymal quality of PR's intellectual think tank.

Such is her much vaunted intellect that she freely spout inanities blasely unaware of the fact that her twisted logic is likely to leave her knickers all knotted in humiliation, her panties wet in shame and her brains scalded with regret 10 or 15 years down the road when she rereads her masterpiece in contemplative silence and reflective remorse albeit as a greying, postmenopausal arthritic old hag.

The negligee of Izzah's argument is so flimsy that one cannot help but laugh at the skeletal frame of an emaciated wretch lurking behind all the intricate and lacy verbal embroidery. Skulking furtively it is the PR's cheapskate version of Popeye's sea hag, Malaysia's very own nenek kebayan polly wretch primed to further her party’s petty perennial agenda of disenfranchising and marginalizing the Pribumi within the Malaysian socio-political landscape.

My subsequent pieces will deconstruct the rubbish generated by this unorgasmised puerile woman-child whose idea of sex must be a couple of thrusts sans the foreplay, the emotional bonding or the postcoital conjugal sleep. It is amazing that no one from the other side of the divide deigned to smash this half court stroke. Probably they were equally too inane to notice the obvious fallacies of the argument or they felt it would be too embarassing to subject a "Malay", a female version of Pak Pandir at that, to public ridcule in a season of forgiveness and merry making. But it is this "tidak apa" attitude that has served as swill for the anarchist boars and swines of PR to prolong their incesssant diatribe on Malay rights, culture and religion.
As UMNO has abdicated its responsibility as a defender of the Malays, Umnno Youth effected a pondanish retreat from frontal engagement and Wanita, Puteri and Putera been politically castarated from even raising a whimper by pansie wallpoppies, and trojans holding the reins. it has fallen on neutral Malays like me to factually disrobe and polemically rape this cheapskate political whore and send her cunt-torn back to her battlements for daring to question Malay rights. And like Hester Prynne's Bostonians of yore, let me pin a Scarlet note reading" Kurang Ajar, Pelacur Politik Melayu" on her publicly shredded butt (no! I am no sodomite like someone else...... hahahaha) so that future wannabes will exercise caution in their fevered ruminations about us Malays.
My three part repartee will commence by firstly detailing the existence of Malay rights within the Federal constitution. Part 2 will involve responding to NI's other desultory arguments while Part 3 will detail with data and facts the case study of an "egalitarian and equitable" model.

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