Sunday, November 28, 2010

Forged Signatures,Lies, Trick ballots, phantom voters, fraud rolls, gangsters, twofaced sluts, drunks, fraud erections, U say it, dey have it.......

Updated: On writing this, I came across this lie here. Just like the forged signature, this bare faced liar is insistent of his figures despite his own contradictions elsewhere (see excerpt below). If it is 30% then it would be about 133,000 bodoh not 26K on

I find it rather hilarious that many people are still perplexed over PKR's much ballyhooed 400,000 membership. The fact that such a comedy of numbers exist is a sad testament of opposition 'charlie' politics. Much hot air than hair raising, the way the numbers are bandied about willy nilly by supposedly educated mature adults will surely tickle many a lil charlie's willy to hump his suffering filly rather than dilly dally silly over such hillie billie wallies.

Fact of the matter is PKR's actual membership is somewhere between 40k -80K with the latter figure even a teeny weeny far fetched. How did I arrive at this figure? Simple. We know that the pirate Azmin purportedly garnered 19K of the ballots with slimepup Mustapha getting 3500 with a one time champion dickjuicer now castaway trailing behind with another 3500 or so. We also know for fact that 30% of the adoring cocksucklers cast their votes:

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said 60% of the new line-up in the 218 divisions were new faces. “We see more young faces and women taking up leadership positions at divisional level,’’ he said.He also said that almost 30% of members had exercised their right to vote in the country’s first direct elections in a party.

So the 19k+3500-3500= 26K must be those satu pertiga mentega (s), Saif's cock crows about with its shitsplaterred arse reared in all its glory for another anwarthrust which leaves the other 2 thirds or +/-54K jerking their dead peckers away in bed as their cuntdry unorgasmised bitches lay seething in their purgatory of unsatiated twats.

What about the 40K i bandied above? Well, Simple Simon says intimating that their uncircumcised filthy smegma prepuced cocks are double the original size to fool their prospective sluts is the standard practice during courtship amongst the opposition fuckheads from time immemorial. So how could a hentai playmate like Azizah go against the grain when even cockchallenged perverts and murderers like N.Aziz, LG.Eng are tricking their Sabariahs and Ugly Bettys to spread their twats in blind anticipation of a huge pecker scouring out their innards. I bet these twatslapped, cockhungry bitches must be regretfully riding to death their hubbys cock in desperation as they crave at least a teeny weeny touch of their gspots.

Back to the issue at hand, given that 26K(active cocksucklers) + 54K(passive arserammed idiots) = 80/2(standard exaggerated measure) yields 40K. Yeah, the very same 40000 to which Saif added his zero sperm ejaculate and voila you have a gargantuan pygmy with 400,000 twats sticking out from all over its body for anwar, saif, tian, azmin to thrust their filthy cocks into. That explains a lot of things:

a. the constant bleating of the 400k magical figure even when it clearly doesnt add up.
b. the abjectly poor turnout at the fraud erections
c. the general reluctance to conduct a thorough investigation lest the real rolls have to be produced and a pus drenched smelly wet rag containing 40k phantoms drops out of Zizah's dirty cunt much to every PR bastard's red face.

Buffalo: Liar,liar pants on fire. What a bunch of demented morons. What about Azizah's bakulkan ketuanan Melayu jibe master?

Revert: That is the next change, Sang Kerbau. Arsewhore's slut is going to get a butt spanking from Warrior 231 and me.Dont worry Zizah, we dont indulge in butt ramming like hubby does. After that, the Chingkie murderer's turn.