Friday, November 19, 2010

GE13 : How the Tea Leaves Fell after the Initial Gust

With talk of a looming General Elections gathering pace, one would be tempted to visualise the post-election landscape using current bellweathers. Basically speaking, I envisage a vastly transformed political topography with substantial erosion of support for PAS, an annihilated PKR drowned in a sinkhole and a racially combustible DAP volcano spewing ashclouds and pyroclasts in the opposition ranks. My forecast for the post election Parliament would be something like this:

BN = 160-165 seats (UMNO scooping up 90 seats with Sabah and Sarawak based Pribumi parties gaining extra clout at the expense of the decrepit MCA, MIC and Gerakan)

Pakatan Rakyat ( 55-58 seats) based on the following breakdown: PKR : 5 seats; PAS= 15 seats and DAP= 35 + seats

Third Force: Parti Liberal or Parti Sosial Demokrat (whichever the name): 2-4 seats

DAP's gains will be in the urban centres of Sabah and Sarawak where they have a nascent yet paraistic grip on the Chingkie votebanks. PAS will retreat to its traditional heartlands in the North of Malaysia but with slightly reduced voter support for its obscurantist and pro-chingkie agenda. PKR is an electoral disaster in the making with virtual annihilation assured across board save for certain seats gained by latching onto PAS and DAP coattails

At state level, I dont see DAP losing in Penang not because of any impressive administrative performance but more due to the fact that the Chingkie vote bank has received tacit signals and approval from Gerakan and MCA to continue supporting the DAP in the name of Chingkie unity.( I also sense a complicit plot to secede Penang (the island portion) from Malaysia) ala Singapore 1965, the historical and socio-economic parallels could not have been anymore coincidental). I visualise a scorecard of PR 23 to BN 17 with the pseudo-Malay Chingkie cocksucklers of PKR holding on to the remnants of their Permatang Pauh fort with PAS wiped out.

Perak , apart from Selangor, will be a main battleground with the Malay votebase returning in droves to BN ensuring a 37-22 scorecard for BN. PAS and PKR being the main casualties.

The same is assured for Selangor (BN 35 : PR 24) while in Kedah (BN 28 ; PR 8) PAS will be virtually decapitated by widespread desertions on the ground to leave it to hold on to Kelantan by its 24-21 fingertips. Sarawak will be a 50-12 scorecard in BN's favour and Sabah a BN 55-5 romp, with DAP gaining seats at the expense of the SUPP and Non-Malay opposition respectively in both states.

While the BN can revel in their relative success and their wafer thin 2/3 achievement, the repurcussions of GE 13 would be serious with the spectre of a Pribumi-Chingkie split along the racial faultline a looming inevitable. This and the phantasm of Penang Island's impending secession will be the 2 main challenges confronting the government post GE13. The other fait accompli is more missionary, doggiestyle and bondage sexcapades with as well as increased cocksuckling sessions of the Chingkie pig by his weaker pseudo-Malay damsel who will be cloyingly beholden to her paramour for her very survival as a prostitute in the post GE13 opposition whorehouse. To avert this scenario, there is a need for a Malay-centric opposition party that will serve as a banker of last resort for BN disaffected Malays. My next post will delve into how such a party can be structured and the substantive policies that it must champion in order for it to attract this residual Malay support from falling wastefully into the filthy hands of the PAS and PKR pimps.

Buffalo: Whatever, the territorial integrity of Malaysia must be preserved at all costs. I still piss and spit on an old man's grave in Langgar. The next time, I will shit on his tombstone.....Bloody Mooooooooooooooooooooooron................

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