Monday, November 22, 2010

A Viable Opposition Platform in the Making (Part 1)

My predictions on GE13 drew a welter of comments from a cornucopia of followers who preferred to spout their angst and threats in anonymity rather than offer cogent analysis that debunks my predictions. FYI, the source of my predictions is confidential suffice to say it has a releable track record of predicting electoral outcomes in 1999, 2004 and 2008. I also had the privilege to test its readings of ground zero and came away 90% impressed as to the accuracy and reliability of the findings which would even moved people like LKS to issue a gloomy foretaste to his hapless troop of monkeys. For now those droplets of insider info about a "technology" used in Hulu Selangor and Bagan Pinang and perfected in Galas and Batu Sapi would suffice. Stuff which by the way should alert certain quarters of the humiliating fate that awaits them if they don't remove their blinkers of arrogance, but I seriously doubt that.

While predicting GE outcomes in Malaysia is a rather uncomplicated process, the provision of viable alternatives fro BN disaffected Malays is not as equally simple. The truth of the matter is that the opposition politics had never and will never provide a palatable alternative to the Malays and Pribumis, for their preternatural duty had always been one of cocksuckling the Chingkie racist extremists for selfish ends. As such, talk of 2 party systems in the present context are nothing more than hogwash for there aint any semblance of a two party system. BN, warts and all, has proven relatively reliable in administering the country but that reliability has been called into question especially during the Old Sleepy Fucker's forgetably brief 5 year stint. The alternative should BN selfdestruct, is nightmarish to say the least. A motley pot of political thugs, prostitutes and charlatans helmed totemistically by a braindead Jew Arse loving shitbag, politically and socio-economically guided by Chingkie racist pigs and anointed by a pack of extremist obscurantist turban motherfuckers and sundry munafiks whose only purpose in life is to hypocritically spout the Almighty's name while making His Deen a laughing stock of the Christos, Hindus, Buddhist and taoist riff raff.

Cognizance of this danger, there is a need to fashion an alternative political force. In this regard, any such Force must be steeped in the Ketuanan Melayu-Islam philosophical construct capable of preserving the political hegemony of the indigenous people while being magnimanious enough to allow for the non-Malays to subsist in the local political landscape in line with the provisions of the Malaysian Constitution.

In this and following posts, I will provide a broad framework for the establishment of a Malay-Pribumi political alliance. I will offer some substantive suggestions as to the pathways this party can take so as to ensure that it emerges a politically viable alternative to the BN. My policy suggestions will initially revolve around the political, economic and education frameworks. It is also envisaged that the proposals will draw rational non-bumis into swearing their allegiance to the nascent Malay-Pribumi Second Force.

Constitutional and Political Reforms

Provisons that the Prime Minister must be a Malay and Muslim.

Provisions that allow for the termination of citizenship to be expanded to include acts other than what is currently provided for. Also provisons to allow for the termination of citizenships for those holding PR status elsewhere.

Provisions to be coopted into the FC to allow for the direct particpation of the military in civilian politics. The defense minister must be from the Armed Forces and an allocation of up to 20 seats in the Dewan Rakyat for the Armed Forces.

Provisions that allow for the holding of direct elections for Local Councils, Municipalities and regulations for such elections. A Ward system framework to be used in such elections with the delineation for such wards to be determined by the EC following parlimentary seat delineation procedures.

Provisons for the introduction of a Spending Limit Clause/ A Spending cap on Budget Deficits not exceeding 3% of GDP. Provisons into a Constitutional Limit on the National Debt so that it does not exceed 55% of GDP (these provisions need to be studied in detail as to the actual "comfort zone")

Provisions for the abolishment of the use of languages other than BM, English and other pribumi languages for instructional and official purposes. This will have a positive impact on the educational system as my proposals for that sector will show.

Provisions for a Parliment Disbarment Act where citizens convicted in a criminal, civil or syariah court will be barred form Parliament for life.

Proportional Representation Act or Preferential Voting System Act ( again needs thorough study) Group Representation Act ala Singapore is also a possibility*

the abolishment of the Official Secrets Act to be replaced by the Official Classified and Confidential Documents Act that will allow free access to all official documents save those that ACTUALLY pertain to National Security

the introduction of a Freedom to Information Access Act.

the Printing Press and Publications Act 1984 to be replaced by a new liberal Publications Act. Printing licenses to awarded freely to all publications irrespective of political credo subject to restrictions pertaining to ONLY obscenity, material deemed seditious and the like.

the strengthening of the Internal Security Act with deletion of loopholes, streamlining of procedures, denial of access to judicial review excepting exceptional procedural circumstance etc.

augmentation of the Sedition Act and penalties . Sedition to cover all speech or acts related to Malay/Pribumi privileges, Islam and the Malay/Pribumi language and Customs, the Malay Rulers etc. Conviction under sedition makes one liable for loss of citizenship and/or disbarment from the electoral process. Sedition Act to be expanded to online activity as well.

These are my initial proposals, I will be disclosing more in parts 2 and 3....(TBC)

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