Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Toddy Mug's Brouhaha and PKR's Last Hurrah (Final Part)

My previous piece on Toddy Mug's childish antics should not in any way be viewed as absolving Jew's Arse and his butt kicks for their unsavoury roles in the Great PKR vote scam. By and large, with or without Toddy Mug's frenetic bleating most neutral observers would have still noted the glaring procedural discrepancies and blatant fraud bedeviling the whole process.
Here is a snapshot summary:
1. Fisticuffs and near riots during the cabang séances with gangsters and thugs for hire having a field day. Throw in the lockouts, the shoo aways, the suspensions etc.
2. Membership lists that received their daily massage without fail right until polling time with new members being pukal registered and phantoms galore.
3. Moronic vote tallies that do not make sense: For example in Hulu Selangor : 1623 voters were said to have voted based on ballots returned but when the votes of the winner and loser were tallied, they amounted to a piddling 700 votes leaving the remaining 923 phantoms unaccounted for.
"Maybe they heareth the Reaper calleth and the vaults creak and hastenth to their graves before the cock croweth" hahahahaha.......

To be fair, Toddy Mug doeth complaint too much like an unorgasmised wife trapped with a shortcocked hubby. But its the same woman cajoling the same cock into life to titillate her g-spot, dont you think so?:

1. He complained of efforts to stymie him meeting the members and yet he contested.

2. He alleged that his candidacy was being blocked and yet he campaigned.

3. He bitched like a toddy drunk that the Cabang sessions were a bedlam and yet he gamboled.

4. He sniped that he was denied equal exposure in the campaign and yet he cavorted.

5. He blasted the integrity of the whole process from head to toe and yet embraced the slut passionately like a demented droon in search of a free fuck.
In between, he found time to play daughter off papa, waffled about taking on Mama whilst busy talking down to the members. Nothing positive was forthcoming from this unprincipled cad save for more preachy liberalism so much so he began sounding like a turd in desperate need of a flush. And when he found out that his DAP helmed bandwagon was falling apart, the horses bolting clear with the wheels falling off, he jumped onto the nearest prancing steed and with guns blazing cleared a pathway to run himself outta town. Good riddance to putrid alcohol reeking garbage you might say. Farewell to a unscrupulous, wish washy scumbag of zero credibility, I may add. I wouldnt touch this creep of a polly with a beanstalk let alone a beanpole but 23K morons just did last spring in the Hulu and a whole party of zombies were hailing the Messiah just over a year ago. Speaks volumes of the gutter quality of local politics, doesnt it?

If Toddy Mug is a brolly of a wally polly who splattered like a shitball on the local political pavement, then Jew's Arse must take the cake for being the ultimate shitworm. They share several common characteristics though. Both are narcissists to the core with a penchant for publicity stunts. Both belief in their own myths that they are are god-ordained Charismatics gifted to the local polity. Both have zero credibility with minimal or no capacity for expounding a comprehensive policy framework for Malaysia Both are inveterate liars and douche bag hypocrites.

The same Jew's Arse who cavils against Toddy Mug for plotting with Utusan and by default BN to get him to bungkus is the very same Jew'Arse whose cockless silence still reverberates in the background when Karpal Singh told him to <:get lost>and taubat, yeah the very same Jew's Arse who dint utter a syllable when his erstwhile fan, RPK talked about politically beheading him, not once but <> So what was so different then from now, Jew's Arse?

In the end, it all boils down to this: Ali's Kid vs Toddy Mug was nothing more than a battle between the Malay wing of the party led by the Kid against the DAP sponsored Chingkie/Malay liberal coterie helmed by Tuak with the pseudo-Islamists acting in cahoots with Tuak for their own selfish ends. That Sabah was the crucial battleground is obvious for that is the stronghold of the majority bastion of the anti-islam Christos and their Chingkie paramours, apart from Penang and the Klang Valley. Losing it was the death knell for the Chingkie sponsored conspiracy and lil' wonder Toddy Mug saw the scribbling on the toilet bowl and quit.

One might be forgiven for reading that I am pro-Ali's Kid and Jew's Arse in this instance and should rejoice but I am NOT. 4 u C in the end, Jew's Arse and Ali's Kid and their gangstas have come to realise belatedly that their cocksuckling of the liberals have resulted in a bleeding of Malay support to UMNO. A phenomenon that started slowly in KT, gathered steam at Bukit Gantang, gained momentum in Permatang Pasir, Bagan Pinang, Manik Urai and crested at Hulu Selangor and now re-tsunamiing at Galas and at Batu Sapi. And what better way to get back that support than by pretending to be Malay champions.....hahahahaha

Yes, tha Malay vote has swung back to the Malay-centric vision of Perkasa (not the pansy boy variety of Najib, Nazri et al) and that is Jew's Arse and Ali Kid's worst nightmare come alive. For in their equation, PKR was to be Malay-nationalist dominated poof club with a sprinkling of Hindulens to attract extremists like the HRP: DAP, the Chingkie stronghold and PAS sweeping up the fundie turban crowd. The only spanner being the DAPigs were leery of putting trust in a "hardcore" like Ali's Kid (Ron Lanchiau's problems in Selangor being the yardstick). Hence the DA Pigs tacit support for Toddy Mug ( a crackpot more easily manipulated) as they sought to DAPigify the PKR like they did to PAS. Me thinks that they had expected a cakewalk with the Abimite parasite sucking into Ali Kid's blood. Only thing they dint expect the procedural roadblocks and the filthy shenanigans.. Dont believe me: the racial slant is all replete here

Buffalo: This is Zimbabwe at its best! Would have left Mugabe chuffed to bits......mooooooooorooooons
Revert: Yes, Kerbau. I heard the Zimbabwean Election Commission is headhunting for Saufy and Molly of the marketplace

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