Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Toddy Mug's Brouhaha and PKR's Last Hurrah (Part 1)

By the time I finish writing this, Toddy Mug would have finished flaunting his self-indulgent angstrom at his 'Pressie', having announced in the bargain either to leave the haplessly scandal-ridden Phuckatan Riot to form and lead a phantasm Third Force or to remain lying low in the augean stables biding his time for another drunken stab at power on the DaPigs behalf.

Whichever route he takes, Encik Tuak is confronted by the reality that despite all his cheapskate "Saya pun Melayu' waffling, he was soundly thrashed in the Malay heartlands of the party save for his schizophrenic Kelantan. That he was only saved by the non-Malay and the liberal Melayu celups is not surprising as poseur cock-piss like him are unwelcome to the majority Malays (braindead oppo lackey scums a few of them may be).

That this was refelected nationally in Galas and Batu Sapi should not be lost upon twat-leeches like him as the show of Force by a united Bumiputera polity consigned the Pendatang nightmare to the scrapheap of memories. Yes, Galas and Batu Sapi showed what a resurrected Ketuanan Melayu/Pribumi based on Perpaduan can do to all the garbage prognostications of charlatan pollies and fraudster pundits alike.

Me thinks Ayak Samsu (Samsu Water) is not beating a hasty retreat on matters of principle but rather on matters of personal honour. There might be a grain of truth to his allegations but by and large his hand was forced by the massacre of his forces in the Sabah PR polls. A massacre so totally unexpected that it gave his balls a might heft of a kick that they shrunk to peasized coins ...........hahahaha. Banking as he was on the filthy Chingkie and Christo votes, Encik Tuak would have been buttsmacked by the thrashings he got in return as Ali's Kid (no paragon of virtue himself) adroitly managed Bumi core came out in droves to drown the DaPigs flowerboy in his own swill. So apa nak buat? Use Harris Ibrahims' dirty straw to cuntslurp an excuse and effect a "dignified" exit. Problem is Haris Ibrahinm is a twatlicking, pigcocksuckling laiyar who is :

a. famed for the PR plan to crucify and expel Tuak phantom of an opera
b. renowned for yapping about strife in PR mirage of a Flying Dutchman (which the Koya girl had to damage control last October.
c. notorious for his Rocky Bru La Bodega wraith of a tale.

and that is just the tip of a shitberg coming from a rascal who is not even a PKR member to give him a locus standi. But then again, it would be too much to expect a DAP batting pig to have any qualms or scruples when peeing on others.......hahahaha

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