Friday, November 12, 2010

The Treacherous Slut's Deafening Silence

The Malay Rights sellout slut who yapped about meritocracy, equality yada, yada, yada seems to be strangely silent on the issue of her OWN party's dysfunctional erections....err...elections. Maybe the bitch has developed a new-found fear for papa or the family firm has decided to close ranks to protect their interests or simply "meritocracy", "equality" etc are just high-powered words to be scatttered willynilly to show off one's command of English as her dad is wont to do. Whatever the motivations, Nurul Izzah seems to have conveniently forgotten that:

a. in an election, a successful candidate's legitimacy is premised on how transparent, open and equitable the electoral process was. an election, neutral stakeholders and powerbrokers are expected to remain above the fray but if their itchy chancred cocks cant resist a tempting thrust, the decent thing they can do is not to buttfuck a detested rival but rather deliver a frontal stab with an unsheated dagger. Try telling that to Papa.

c. If meritocracy, equality, egalitarianism is demanded of in the public sphere, the self same characteristics should underpin an election process. For after all, aren't winners supposed to be elected on merit on a level-playing field rather than be selected on favouritism based on banal desires.

Perhaps all the above does not apply in a dysfunctional erection, so I guess your deafening silence is tantamount to acceptance plus consent and complicity. I guess too all this electoral showboating is a vain attempt at resurrecting a dead cock that simply wont stand to attention to all momma's persuasion much less fellation nor even the national anthem!! A limp cock that attracts only 10K idiots from a touted 500K to waste their weekends ogling at its filthy prepuce, chancred shaft and shriveled balls (Methinks any winner would be a phantom leader whose erectile dysfunction commands the adoration of less than 1% of his party's numbskulls)

But then again, such dysfunctional erections are part and parcel of the lives of unorgasmised wives which you might be familiar with both politically and personally.All this brings to mind how you titillated one self-impoverished drunken Toddy Mug to stake his manhood in a contest of unequals and left him high and dry after all that foreplay. Talk about a poor uncummed man!!....hahahahaha

Buffalo: Treachery, instead of blood flows, in those veins, I suppose.

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