Thursday, June 16, 2011

Subhanallah; Praise Be the Allah the Lord of the Universe

Am enjoying the lunar eclipse right now. As i watch transfixed with childlike wonder yet suffused with scientific insight, the reel images of my past seances with Allah's awe-inspiring Handiwork flits through my mind's celluloid - a kaladeiscope of images from the treasure troves of the Infinite streaming silently across the mindscape of a finite. Insyaalah this earthly yet ethreal moment will be added to that chest of memories . A swissroll of humility and enlightenment of the Almighty's power to be savored in the reflective silence of a starless night over a steaming cup of hubris or to be ingested in the epiphanious stillness of a ego-shedding sujd.

"For truly magnificent are Your wondrous creations, Oh Allah the Most Beneficent and the Merciful. And endless are my humble supplications for the knowledge ('ilm) and aql ( reason) you bequethed in me to contemplate Your mighty Magnificance amidst my puny insignificance.Praise be to the Lord of the Hereafter, the One and Only Truth. May you shower me more bounties of endless inspiration and grant me the wisdom and humility to clasp onto the Truth within us all

Insyallah, folks you will enjoy the same and reflect on the portents of Allah azza wa jalla and the video might be of informative value.

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