Friday, June 17, 2011

Some Slimepoops in Life are so uncreatively monotonous, they leave you nauseous

I guess plenty of 'em folks out there might have seen it, heard it or even experienced it all before... remember the 1980s co-ops, Pan-El with that Penny Chang poster gal, George Tan's Carrian that literally became a carrion, Yong Wee's MRCB Resources scamgate, Malvest et al all fast forwarded into the new millenium as Transmile, Wimens, PKFZ etc ad nauseum....zzzzzzzzzz

You know its hidden behind closed doors like those unwashed shit stained arses skulking underneath those silky smooth lined Hugo Bosses, expensively cut Guccis or wasp waisted Pradas or figure hugging D(in)KNYs, beneath that Victoria Secret thong or frilly Triumph panties or cheap Pagoda boxers..hahahahaha .

And the shameless gall of those whose arses are caked with crusty poop is amazingly funny. Yeah, those shitsplattered arses in Malaysia talking about accountability, transparency, intergrity is all so lame when they are the same ones embezzling the company till dry with their crony supplier network, their overcosting sub-con pals, their under-counter shenanigans...yawn. I should know for when working in a MNC, I saw how accounts were pilfered, how contracts were hijacked, how invoices were doctored leaving the Yank head honchos none the wiser for the skullduggery was so subtly done, a few K here, a few K there that it left everyone none the wiser as they were too into free cuntfests and cocktreats given by painted China dolls to see the naked reality. Add to that the free Yam Sengs and a sponsored dice game in Macau, HK or Genting with the occasional jaunt to Patpong and Phuket and Makati, lil' wonder the Yanks bothered

Oh, how the axiom sedikit2 lama sejuta was optimised by pig ball chomping, bacon munching pieces of shit while their slit eyes darted to and fro looking for opportunities and their dang ears pricked up like a dog's flap for the next dollar/ringgit laced morsel to be wolfed down by their filthy gobs. I alerted the higher ups of those shenanigans and though my evidence was vouchsafed by two American colleagues, the supremos ignored the tipoffs for after all what is the loss of a few million from a few billion of global turnover. In time, I quit the design engineer shift and went free lancing for Jap outfits before surprise, surprise Santa Clara called.............

Now the canker that grew its muscles offshore has spread its tentacles onshore into the heart of Americadom. Having enticed the greedy Yank capitalists to plant themselves in the lowcost sweatshops of Shenzhen, Guangdong and what have you, thus effectively wiping out Yank ricebowls the US of A over, Ol' Sliteyes are now into fleecing the Gringos of whatever dollars they have left. The arrogant Yanks were too much into a personal ego odyssey that they dint notice till the awful stink of shit and hog-laced sweat jerked them into reality:

Mimi Justice, head of Deloitte's forensic and dispute practice in Orange County, California....... told horror stories about dealing with Chinese companies, and their fears that anyone and anything can be bought for a price.

Personally, a lot of such anecdotal yarns are commonplace in the States. Whenever the conversation meandered away from tri-gate, nanometers,, switchgates and Moore's Law in the Ivy Bridge innovation bunker, it invariably gravitated towards the debtor's visegrip, unfair trade practices, deliberately bastardised currency and in the last month or so, some project chap's net worth being systematically disemboweled by slit eyed, yellow skinned, pig musked claptrap chingchonging pieces of shit.

Well, yanks, some liberal pseudo-malay douchebags and muslim munafiks in Malaysia are already in a dastardly arrogant pig's snare ....u can take comfort in the company and enjoy the arsefucks now....ROFL:

"Bird handed out a traditional Chinese toy, known as a finger trap, to the audience. Amid nervous chuckles, the recipients found they could easily put their fingers into the trap's woven cylinder but found it much more difficult to pull them out."

Racist drivel again? Nope, reality as it always has been since time immemorial , is and will be for eons to come. A truth soup for the enlightened soul is never the same as a drivel of gruel for the unthinking rabble. For in the end, those with unwashed arses forever carry the stain of shit on their conscience, don't they?....................................

Warrior 231

Buffalo: Well shit has already hit the fan and since its a fast rotating one, yankees are dodging those self hit shitballs.......... wonder whether our filthy munafik and liberal chingk-arse licking pseudo-Malay cuntjuice can dodge whats bout to tunnel up their unwashed arses

Revert: Well, since their brains are too starved of oxygen as Mr Lim gags their orgasmic squeals with his middle finger rammed down their throats, I guess they never will, Mr Buffalo. Anyway...good one Bro Warrior.

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