Friday, August 01, 2008

Equivocation in All its Naked Glory

Hmm... the master puts out some stale cheese the rats come scurrying out of their god-forsaken holes leaving behind intellectual droppings in their wake. Humbug.. claiming that the socalled Wira Demokrasi, Reformasi... Liberalisasi and of all the other asis of the "nasi sudah basi" variety had been unfairly put on trial in both the dungholes of cyberspace and in the watering holes of public life. A dipstick should be shoved up the arse of this equivocating nut to gauge whether his innards have also been compromised by all that spiel and drivel on life's travails that he avails with unbounded detail in his tales of holy grail.

Who spun the most on a daily basis? From the initial report about the allegation to acres of allegations about the accuser and uncle Pet, to pixels about the wronged suspect, his high drama arrest,his retreat to the syariah, his daily press offerings and finally, the coup d'etat ; the medical report from Pusrawi, the besmirched hand of the fool's parliment is evident everywhere.... not reporting mind you.. but inviting third rate comments as well through his asinine conjectures and speculations. So the question is who spun, weighed the evidence, conducted trials and was scathingly critical of all and sundry except for H...... And now, this dastardly fiendish bloghead has the gall to say this in his putrid hollow:
And we, the public, with tiny bits of information here and there mixed with a whole dose of speculation, have been conducting our own trial through cyberspace, in the coffeshops and in the marketplace.
We’ve read and heard all the theories that have been weaved and spun, to a point where it has slowly become difficult to sieve away fact from fiction.
leave us out it, will ya.. speak for yourself and don't condescend to include us pleibians in your infernal machinations for you out-Macchiavelli Macchiavelli himself with your pretentious posturings.
Now caught within a web of his own making, this spinmeister is trying to extricate himself out of his entanglement by calling for closure , one way or another:
Charge Anwar or Saiful.
With sodomy or for making a false police report, as the case may be.
so that he can emerge unscathed and smelling of roses from causing the :
.........reputation of others to be questioned or maligned in the process. (my paraphrasing)
Tsk...tsk...tsk....Oh such high falutin principles but me thinks this just a case of podsnappish showboating as if he was concerned about the reputation of others in the first place. And to think that rabble are drawn in droves to this denhole of obnoxity is indeed beyond belief. Jump off the high moral ground, you smart arse lawyer,or better still off Brokeback Mountain for slowly but surely the slime circulating within the living cadaver you call a body (for your soul is surely lost) is seeping through and the smell.. urgh....of nasal discharge is nauseating to say the least.
Revert: this is what you get when a banana democracy is thrown to the monkeys .. i suppose

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