Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Of Whitewash and Blackwash

While this informative piece by this blogger ( is for once laudable and affirms in a more concise way of what i wrote earlier, he adroitly sidesteps the issues i raised in that and its preceding sister post and which Charles Hector clearly highlighted earlier here i.e.,
1) Why did the ruckus primarily instigated by PKR thugs occur in the first place and why did PKR and PAS activist play a main role in it. Were their actions sanctioned by the party bosses? Is this the harbinger of something more sinister?

2) What punishment, if any, will be meted out to the culprits before August 26?

Furthermore, in whitewashing PKR's and to a lesser extent PAS' role in the whole fiasco, his post ironically blackwashes itself by its villification of UMNO. What this smart arse fails to understand is that , both sides are equally responsible : the MSM (Utusan and TV3) for stoking sentiments pre-forum and PAS and PKR playing to the Malay-Moslem gallery during the forum so as to be not left out of the action. In fact, the agitation marshalled by PKR MP for Kulim - Bandar Baru, ala storm-trooper style sans the balaclavas (yes sirree.. the Eagles Have Landed) and to lesser extent supported by the PAS and UMNO acolytes was the main reason why the forum was abandoned in the first place. Kudos to the Bar Council on THIS score for not pursuing the issue in the spirit of free speech although, some of their members are not consistent in this regard ; )>

By being clearly biased, this blogheaded smart aleck is trying to weasel his party out of a tight situation but alas his attempt to flour his wheat founders asunder in the mills of reason as it cannot fool everybody, certainly not neutral observers like yours truly and many others. This brings us back to the mess facing us Malaysians today : a slanging match in progress while affairs of the state teeter in abeyance as an economic tsunami creeps up on us unawares. Further, it just solidifies the prevailing view in me and many others that while the MSM is as usual and as expected blase about its one sided coverage, the alternative views of cyberags and drivel spun by cybergoons like this guy are equally "gutterish" to say the least. And that, based on Saturday's fiasco, the oft promised and raised flag of free speech and expression will fly tattered, proudly tethered as it is to the upraised cock of a "New" Malaysia come the 16th of Ides!

Revert: Blackwashing a fact is equally a great sin in Islam, my dear buffalo!

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