Thursday, September 25, 2008

Twisting Words in The Wind

Makanan anjing: Teresa akui tersilap
Fauwaz Abdul Aziz Sep 24, 08 12:42pm

Act 1 Scene1 ( scene: somewhere in a smoky den within Democratic Canland, a speaker erotically caresses a microphone and intones in a husky tenor as the mob below await the moment of orgasm...... )
Okay, baiklah, Anda temui kesilapan saya dengan bantuan pita video dan segalanya, dan saya boleh menerima kritikan seumpama itu," katanya merujuk kepada rakaman video berhubung komennya mengenai makanannya ketika dalam tahanan.
Sambil menegaskan beliau tidak berapa ingat mengenainya kerana jadualnya yang ketat selepas pembebasannya, Teresa bagaimanapun menuduh pengkritiknya memperbesar-besarkan isu tersebut untuk mencetuskan sensitiviti orang Melayu berhubung haiwan tersebut.
Teresa sebelum ini memberitahu Malaysiakini bahawa beliau bukan sengaja menggunakan istilah 'makanan anjing' untuk menyinggung perasaan orang Melayu.

And so with her recent beatification complete, the Saint rambles from the pulpit that she did not mean to offend anyone with an innocous statement made in the fugue of a confused mind freshly released from the dungeons of purgatory. Oh what elan, style and grace, a tasteful morsel of civil tastes to appear soon in the Canland of tin cans and pop corn. Twisting and turning, the cornered bitch yelps for sympathy and the milled crowd break out in laughter gulping up bones of lies while the meat of truth is squirreled away to be buried beneath the banana plantain. For isnt she a cohort of the one-eyed king..hark revert, careful lest you invite thieves of freedom into your little hut to steal thine liberty and plunder thy soul. Didnt't you know that she is a saint, an angel of hope radiating black light into the tunnel of darkness.

And darkness overlay darkness within the sassy self as it pleads amnesia over a faux pas. Imagine if an old statesman utters the same, the wolves of purgatory gnashing at his door... Hey Revert.. stop it. Cant you see that she is from the other side where the grass is greener for contemplative frogs? How dare you? She is a saint and them other siders are as clean as nuns and as innocent as ancient eunuchs (modern friars have a penchant for the perverse so they dont count!).

Chorus(rising from the other side of the fence): We are legion, the evil without more dangerous than the evil within. We are the army of good, commanded by the Prince of Redemption ever ready to slay the serpent of deceit.

Revert: Aah? how come she speaks with a forked tongue... arent they dogs refering to the 64 others who arent anything but Moslem or the the warders, they arent............. by any means!

Legion: Shut up, Revert, thou have no right to speak in this land of the One eyed king. Desist or we will blast you off in that rusty Rocket to the desolate Moon. We, legion are as virgin as the Maid of Orleans .. we talk the language of truth... (clapping and cheering from the crowd). We will prevail and then vomit the bile within onto the heads of the gullible rabble. (the crowd laughs and more cheering)

Revert: er..what about Jimadie Shah's report of the Kinrara was there. Somewhere on the lower extremities of a gibbering cyber rag........

legion: that report is non-existent. we have legislated it away from the rabble's thoughts... dont raise this issue.. the key issue is how dare the hands of kui besmirch a white rose from the Kingdom of Heaven.. the emperor is mighty displeased but never mind its over now.. time to move on. 2 outta 3 is better than none.. anyway that swine lover can have the dog meat for all he wants!

revert: but ....tainted milk is poisonous aint it...Besides, boulders will block the passage of water and young uns will............................

Legion: What are you hinting at, Revert?Tuan2 dan Puan2, this guy is subversively dangerous. too many questions will paralyse our mission...charge!

revert : (runs for his life as a posse of terra cotta warriors garbed in royal yellow advance in unison brandishing gleaming swords)

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