Monday, September 01, 2008

Mr Democracy- A Fraudster from Old Millenia (No.1)

Beginning today, I will run a series of mini-posts on that temple of perversion, Democracy, so touted by secularists and pseudo-islamists alike to be the panacea to all the problems plaguing mankind today. Of course, these articles will show that democracy is, in actuality, an illusory paradigm designed to disenfranchise the voice of the masses and legitimise the elites' perpetual appropriation of power.

"A resident of Permatang Pauh made RM 80,000.00 after accurately betting on the majority garnered by the winning candidate...." excerpted from a mainstream rag "The Star" on August 27. This coming a few days after the main cyber rag Malaysiakini reported that the local elctorate "were being offered odds on the outcome" prior to polling......

Ha!ha!Ha! that infernal mechanism is now a platform for gamblers to make a killing! What if they are voters as well..(no prizes for guessing!). Wonder how, the secularists and the pesudo-islamists, be they from the BN or PR variety, going to justify the conduct of elections, the foundation of a thriving democracy?. And this ripoff is not the first of of its kind either... for there have been other reports before!

Moral : Democracy is nothing more than an aggregate of selfish interests and a sprinkle of altruistic notions with winners sugarcoated as majorities and the losers salt-licked as minorities.

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