Friday, October 31, 2008

Snapshots of the World today

1. To those who live in cloud cuckoo land and think that the worst is over, this and this will sober them up.

Revert : Maka telah zahirlah kerosakan di muka bumi akibat perbuatan tangan mereka.... (till end of verse ) : paraphrased from the Holy Quran

2. to those who naively or stupidly believe that the non-muslims are amenable to peaceful coexistence and a dialogue of civilisations etc, this will shake them up.

Revert: Sesungguhnya golongan Yahudi dan Nasrani tidak akan lekang sehingga kamu meninggalkan ad-deen dan mengikut telunjuk mereka ....... (till end of the verse) : Paraphrased from the Holy Quran.

3. As the old world and illusions (thaghut) begin to slowly crumble, this pops up on the radar screen.

Revert: Sounds familiar, right?

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