Friday, July 24, 2009

A CAT is Running Short of Lives

TBH was not the typical chinaman. He was different. He lived the lie while all the while sequestering the truth. It was something certain Corrupt Avaricious Thieves or CATs could not fathom. A CAT has nine lives as the legend goes, a Man has one. It lives for another day while someone lies cold in a lonely sepulchre. But Truth has an eternal life, much longer than a CAT's and therein lies the rub.

She may be buried underneath a mound of deceit piled on by a zombie rabble who were egged on by a coterie of immoral bastards and whores but she breathes nevertheless, composed, serene, calm waiting for the moment biding her time to rise like the Phoenix and slay a Mortal Lie. She is stirring now from beyond the grave and the tale she will spout once her resurrection is done will stir awake the mangy CAT ensconced for now in the lair of the Devious Arrogant Pig. Father Time is smiling with us and a better Malaysia will be born once we put this swine and its young to permanent sleep!

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