Monday, May 24, 2010

This is Seditous ? You Lot Must be Joking!!

Felt lousy all day and with ample time on my hands, I mossied over to Rocky's Bru and watched the entanglement between a bunch of know-it- all, holier than thou ignoramuses led by one Wenger J Khairy or KJ Wenger and DPP with Mister?Missuus?Miss? Anonymous. Well, KJ accused Anon. of sedition which kinda tickled my funny bone which I almost fractured as I slumped to the floor laughing. Here is Anon's riposte (which I have improved a bit) to that imbecile and if it constitutes sedition, than Namewee must be a saint, What say you?:

1.I am a Christian…………….other forums.

Response : Point taken, Wenger but mere platitudes doth not sincerity maketh. If you and a minority of many are indignant about the whole thing, about time you dash off a petition to the powers that be to stop their imbecility from being undressed on the public stage. Or are all Crucifix adoring fans subject to some perverse Murphy” law in which “thou shalt lieth a zillion times to beget the Truth” is the abiding mantra?. As they say, the courage in the conviction is in the doing.

By the way, you are right, there are no biblical grounds for its use, other imbeciles aside. The first Arabic translation of the Bible ((The Copt Bible and Codex) appeared in 900AD according to R.Kellogue (no relation to Kellog of cornflakes fame ;oD ) wherein there is no mention of Allah save for the Bismillah invocation which is of entirely Muslim origin (probably inserted to appease their Arab Muslim overlords). Heck, even till the 19th century, the Christos and their brother Jews were still carping over how to unravel YWYH (Exodus 3.14). That’s another story which will blow Murphy’s law beyond the 4th dimension into some huge blackhole aka space garbage bin. Shows you that the Christo Arabs were leery of Allah being in their Bibles, right?

2. I could not use my own……….. anti Mahathir-titis. (Stil not resolved. I do dislike him intensly)

Response: Your like or dislike for him is nothing of my concern. Never heard of the malady but I kinda find it funny that those who harbor a deep hatred of the statesman are those obsessed in writing or bitching about him. A case of love unrequith turnth hate unbridled. Hell hath no fury than a woeman spurned. I suppose.

3. Well I am responding to your insult on the Christian faith. In theory it is seditious. The law is to be respected if and only if it serves ones own purpose right?


In practice, it would hardly raise an eyebrow let alone sent heartbeats aflutter.

What if I wrote : There they stood - beneath arching gables of naked winged gargoyles, a sultry looking wench and bearded old men, haloes ringing their heads, leering longingly at the wench, as spiders spun cobwebs around their loins - transfixed in a churchly silence, staring at the tortured blood splattered mien of a half naked hippie nailed spread-eagled on some t-shaped contraption, his face lolling limply to one side cradled by his thin upper arms, a coil of brambles crowned his mangy hair, droplets of blood coursing down his anguished expression, mouth agape his bloodshot eyes stared back blankly. And leaning beside him stood a curvaceous broad. Her eyes eyeing his family heirloom through the tattered loincloth, her lips slightly parted, tongue swollen at denied pleasure. Slowly, a figure wrapped in a hooded white robe rose like an apparition before their very eyes. He raised a chalice and gravely intoned, “This folks is the best whorepiss in town, brewed to perfection. He turned his face to the hippie. “ Lets drinketh to his glory and imagineth that we are draculas drinking his blood before we palaver over all that bread stuffed with ‘em lamb chops. Yam Seng, mah” he intoned thunderously breaking the sepulchral silence. At that moment of epiphany as if freed from the clutches of existential ennui, as the rays of a fading sun lit their careworn faces, the rabble below suddenly broke into laughter “ Yam Seng Lah” they chorused in unison…….”
Namewee’s vile lyrics hardly drew him a rebuke from the “sedition spouting” lot. Why? They feted him and even wrote paeans in the mainstream press. So what gives? The law is to be invoked if and only if it serves ones own purpose right?

4. Anyhow, would it be possible ……………… your convictions.

Response: Nah, I cant do that. That would be tantamount to secular heresy. You see…It’s the collective conviction that remained unvoiced by many, aching in solitude within the breast of every Muslim . “ Fermenting to sour hatred doeth sweet conviction in thine silence. Fear not my sad concubine, your virtuous silence would I defrock with my insistent clamour . I merely give it its voice lest it breaks out unawares and consume us in all its fiery glory. Let our collective anonymity be : “We are Legion but yet we will be there even after kingdom come” to raise your hopes and deflate those dreams in one fell swoop. Dude, get a one-way ticket to rapture and bring some grog along lest the flight gets delayed by OUR rumbling volcano, Thus spoke Zarathustra (my gardener). Pretty Nietzschean of him eh……now go get the ticket and that lager.

“We are Legion but yet we will be there even after kingdom come”

Revert Anonymous, thank you for making my day

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