Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Animals From the Depths

Lojingki reminded younger politicians not to easily fall into the trap of a bad political culture practised by a few leaders that will eventually ruin civil society.

"Anwar Ibrahim, being the de facto leader of PKR, is the one to be blamed for all this ruckus. There were claims within PKR that Anwar himself promotes 'political animalism' against good ethics, and this worries many.

Blimey, they are worried??Caught unawares?? Fact of the matter is, devoid of intellectual nous, an indepth grasp of policy issues, and a clear inability to articulate and formulate a cogent policy framework, they have nothing else left in the kilter save to resort to brutal animalism to achieve their goals.

Only the ignorant would have forgotten the lebais rolling on the maccadam in fron of the sultan's entourage during the Perak Crisis. Only the easily conned would have erased the scenes of bedlam during anti-Isa demos in 2009, Only the bumpkin would have overlooked, the gross provocation of Wanita and Puteri members during the Bagan Pinang by-election nomination day. Only the simpleton would have ignored the thuggish behaviour in Puchong, Shah Alam and hulu Selangor

These are gangsters and street sluts masqurading as respectable politicians. theirs is a culture of physical violence, of intellectual intimidation, of factual distortion, of personal calumny designed to destroy the enemy come what may. There are no moral restraints, no ethical chains nor any spiritual leash to restrain these animals from venting their personal failures, weaknesses and shortcomings on hapless innocents.

These are the contemporary equivalents of Hitler;s stormtroopers, Of Mussolini's fascist guards, of Stalin's goosestepping jackboots and mao's demented red mob. If BN is seeded with a sprinkling of materially corrupt trojans, PR is littered with even worse. An agglomeration of the morally depraved, the materially corrupt and the spiritually decadent, the denizens of the PAS, PKR and DAP shitholes are able to thrive because a gullible polity, sold short on substance but long on illusions, ignore the hidden dangers at their own peril.

Little wonder as to why an unorgasmised slut is able to scribble garbage on Art 153 unmolested, why a turban lollipop can make inane and brain damaged comments on Islam unchallenged and why a Chingkie chauvinist pig is adroit at blaming all but himself for his stupidity unperturbed. And their mindless acolytes are even worse. Heard of the lawyer who badmouths a certain party when he has no locus standi even as a member, Heard of the pol.sec who harangues others for pointing out his boss insensitivity to Muslims, heard of the patholigical liar of a pathologist who divines a man's "murder" without an iota of incriminating eviidence?

The Germans, Italian, Russians and Chinese yore suffered the indignity of ridicule because they slept wide awake through a living nightmare of sheer brutality, murder and mayhem as the Freddie Kruegers of their Id ran amuck in living daylight. Are we sane Malaysians, save the mind vacuumed buffon, willing to trudge through our very own Elm Street nightmare come alive rehashing our personal Fridays the 13th for years to come?

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