Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Cheap Champagne Bottle farts its DAP angst

"Recently, a report appeared in a cyber rag sponsored by a Chingkie tycoon aka a Da' Pig mole. DA' Pigs had a fright reading it, I was told by my sources. A plot was hatched to Chingkiefy the PKR leadership and neuter its Malay leaders so much so they would be nothing more than the Malaysian version of the Singapore Malay Chingkie cocksucklers"

The horse owner, whose jockey mercilessly whips a "Melayu" down the homestraight to the guffaws of its proprietor and his Chingkie friends, must be so broke these days that he is downing any cheap moonshine his grubby hands can get hold off. No wonder his shit about the Malaysaja slutgirl running for the deputy presidency is so absurd that it is laughably pathetic. Contrary to the popular perception sloshing around in the PKR gutter that the horseowner is a UMNO trojan, the facts scream otherwise.

In reality, Mr Champagne is a DAP darkhorse, rustled from UMNO's stables and herded into the PKR float to create a ruckus with its ceaseless neighing. The ultimate mission is to wrest control of the PKR and eventually merge it with the DAP, a form of 'merger and neuter', that only the chauvinist DAP can effect. But why?

DAP always had misgivings of PKR's true leanings, a feeling not helped by the pansy PKR's schizophrenic inner conflict. A conflict in which the PKR always wondered whether it was man enough to stand up to the redoubt of Chingkie chauvinism or woman enough to coyly accept the domineering DAP's sexual perversions or trannie enough to switch back and forth between machismo and 'feminisma'.

That PKR opted to safely cloister itself in gender's twilight zone pleased the DAP no end. For here was a political slut who could repackage her sagging charms in a jiffy to induce a priapism in a cunthungry Nik Aziz and get him and his ilk to tone down his so-called fiery spiritual mumbo-jumbo after a bedroom romp. Here too, was trannie boy, dickless enough, to be the DAP's favie apologist as the Chingkie chauvinist pig rode roughshod over indigenous sensitivities and challenged the accepted status quo as enshrined by the Constitution. Finally, here too was a a macho wannabe who will holler empty threats against the likes of nettlesome enlightened Malays in Perkasa who dare question the PR's Chingkie supremacist based approach . For sure, the DAP was enjoying the best of 3 worlds and basking in self-congratulatory pride of having effectively neutered the demands of the selfstyled Fundie Moslem and that of his more rights based Malay?Moslem cousins. For who wouldnt be thrilled by the sight of the highway to Putalachaya ? The poor deluded Sons of Whorebitch Heaven did revel so awhile until something changed in PKR.

You see, the DAP pimp was astounded when his Malay trannie prostitute decided to rouse "herself" and bare "her' fangs at her master. For Ali's kid was never a DAP posterboy, leery as they were by his 'pro-Malay rights stance which he deceptively flaunted to deceive his fellow Malays but which the DAP feared, hid a malevolent streak (credo No.1 in Chingkie lore : Never Trust the Other)

Ball shrunk at the thought of not driving the PR agenda to the melody of the Chingkie supremacist tune, a series of cloak and dagger meetings ensued here and in the south of the Tebrau (under the aegis of a dying pig and his now dead then paralysed filthy sow and their piglet)and it was decided by the senior party apparatchiks that the Trojan buttons under Mr Wine Bottle's neutered cock be activated and the rest is history.

So you wonder, a disinterested lawyer with no locus standi as a member (but a sworn inclination to be DA Pig in the near future) is actively campaigning for the decanter from Kota Bharu so mcuh so his blog has momentarily gone mute on the anti-BN shitspin he loves to issue from his unwashed shithole, (although the bunghole of the selfstyled people's 'perli men' does occasionally releases a fart or two to satiate the shitlorn yearning of his ardent followers)

You wonder too why the cheap wine bottle is releasing shit gas from its now uncorked top that echo the Malaysian Malaysia vision 100%. He calls it a merit-based non race approach ala Singapore. I call it bullshit for it is actually to foster Chingkie hegemony and discrimination ala Singapore as the Malay pansie boys there are now finding out to their eternal and fraternal costs.

You wonder again, why Mr Cigar Chomper Beer Belly is equating PKR with UMNO until you get the drift that it is nothing more than a clarion call fro the anti-Malay sleeper cells in PKR to raise the floodgates against the Malay rights cresting wave and have the party effectively beached on DA Pigs shores.

You wonder again why a horse racing vodka guzzling mad fatso is adamant of washing the party's underwear in the public trough when you realise that it is not so much a washing off his party's urine and shit stains but rather a signal to cleanse the party of its UMNO traitors who the DAP fear will sabotage their cockthrust for power and glory ala Changkat Jering and Behrang, Perak. Thus, leaving behind a pliant coterie of cocksuckling johndead pansie boys and cockhungry saggy bottomed slutgirls. who will act on every whim and fancy at every beck and call for a few bundles of manna and a few drops of cum.............

(To be Continued)

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