Saturday, October 09, 2010

Toddy Mug's Shit is about to Hit the Fan.

Now how could Mr Toddy Mug be a DAP stooge when he was given a dash of cheap publicity by Utusan , a purportedly UMNO mouthpiece.

Well thats quite easy actually. Toddy Mug realised a long time ago, the avenue for him to inject his vile poison through the party's veins was effectively blocked by the anti-serum his nemesis had prepared earlier. Assisted by a cockshrunk Jew's Arse, Ali's kid had already coralled the vital party organ, the election committee and the politburo to do his bidding.

Denied a pathway to PKR's heart, Encik Tuak had no other option but to leverage on whatever sluicegates available to his advantage. FMT and MI were no problem, they were run by Malay hating bigots. He had his machais and balacis elsewhere to grind his axe for him like the lawyer pig and his sluthungry exteacher mentor and a whole lot of shitbags who used to hang out at a Fisherman's Wharf and indulge in Malaybaiting and Muslim bashing sessions as the grog flowed freely down lying throats into corrupt pot bellies. But that was not enough to reach a wider audience.......

Utusan (in keeping with its tradition of providing space to alternative views:the annual PAS muktamar, interviews with Hadi, Nash, Niki aziz, why even Pansy Nazri are but some examples of Utusan's free ranging palate) then was a gifthorse, not even a drunkard could dismiss. He jumped at the opportunity with gusto, embracing his self-proclaimed "gutter rag" like a shriveled cock old man having a final fling in Last Chance Salon. As Mr Wine Cellar ejaculated his angst, it dawned to the discerning and the wary that here was a scounderel whose 4 birds with one slingshot puts David in the shade and even leaves the "Valiant Liitle Tailor' of Grimm fame beetroot red in awe.Pray what 4 birds did Mr Winery strike?:

a. strike 1 : He got the free publicity he so badly craved from a legendary MSM rag no less.

b strike 2: His adroit minuet of PKR's leadership sock hop being the mirror reflection of UMNO's foxtrot fortified further the hatred for all things UMNO already sown into the PaRians' genes. The whole interview was an intricately embroidered technicolor coat that gelled perfectly with the political scarf woven by the DaPigs to be amplified by pansy boys like Mr Winepress, Strategy: draw a caricature of UMNO as an ogre and get the anti-Malay scums in PKR to respond. Ah what better way to coral the vote than by raising the Red Lantern of PKR morphing into UMNO Baru-Baru and watch the idiot members scramble their fighter jets.

c. Strike 3: Affirm Jew Arse's mistaken mirage that Mr Bottle Feet was an UMNO stooge ( see, he is talking to an UMNO controlled paper) so that.............................

d. Strike 4: the reality that Messrs Bacardi Rum is a Da Pigs puppet remains MASKED from the public, save to a few discerning and enlightened Malays like urs truly.

The circumstantial evidence is enough proof of all the above contentions: a)support primarily from the non-Malay and a posse of liberal Malays who are actually DAP plants seeded at the outset. b) the top echelon Malay leaders have distanced themselves from this piggy trojan but the Non-Malay DAP sympathisers are gung ho**. c) the Non-Malays who are leery of Johnnie Walker like Eli Wong, Jason Khoo in Penang, Dominic Ng etc all have issues with the DAP d) his common policy document echoes Da Pigs' core ideology founded on Chingkie supremacy.e) his public pronouncements on being Malaysian etc reaffirm Da Pigs' ideological leanings e) his Christian support base in Sabah and Sarawak is infiltrated by pro-DAP dogs.f) Chingkie rags who give him face are in fact closet DApiggists

Finally, his choice of running mate. Running mate?

Yes. I presciently wrote about this in a technically accursed comment that dint see the light of day 2 weeks ago in another blog. Now Mr Beer Belly is on the verge of confirming, my source's story. You see, MR BB is likely to go for the No 1 post now as his masters, DA Pigs, are egging him on. It is very likely too that a mother will give way at the behest of a daughter much to the consternation of a soon to be arsefucked father. That is why the issue of a running mate has cropped up and Beer Belly's choice is DAP stamped and sealed. You see, the estranged filly in a royal stable (hear of family problems in that corner too)proved her credentials by faithfully recasting the DAPigs view on Art 153 as her own one month ago in an article published precisely for these polls. The paper in which it appeared is a closet Pro-DAP rag. Coincidence again? I bet your doubts trump mine for size anytime.

** : This is actually a internal polls strategy. It basically revolves around the creation of a Malay/Non-Malay schism, a scenario tailormade for the DAP. If Mustapa Kamil or other Malays join the fray, the Malay vote splits and if the pendatang vote bank holds firm, Mr Beer Pig canters in from the outside, and to use a racing parlance, edges it by a furlong, a short neck or a nose, whichever.

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