Monday, October 11, 2010

Tying up Loose Ends and Tightening Loose Nuts While Iissuing a Constitutional Alert

Some nut wrote in, let loose a slew of expletives and then issued me this challenge : "what if Jew's Arse's slutgirl does not run for DP, that would leave Mr Beer Belly in a fix and your whole crackpot theory of DAPigs infiltration as nothing more than another angst-fueled piece of garbage, bastard!" He/She then penned off after unleashing another barrage of gutter language.

Tsk, tsk. tsk...what a guttermouth of a ruffian. You are entirely at liberty to use foul language, arsefucking, cocksuckling, twatslurping piece of shit but do think before you comment lest you end up waffling shit as you did there. I guess that cannot be helped for after all, idiots like you are dime a dozen (why even a law professor is falling heads over heels for stupidity as can be seen from his cranium empty shit in the 'Star': that's another story) given the complete control the PaRian propaganda machine has on your zombified minds.

To answer your asinine dare in one word; No! Arsewhore's itchy cunted girl not running is immaterial, if she decides that Beer Belly is setting a trap. Me thinks, BB is trying to smoke her treachery out with that lure given her avowals of support hasn't all been passionately cockhungry. But conversely, he might be eyeing for her the role I intimated yesterday. Lets say she doesnt bite, Tuak would be none the sadder cos:

a. Tuak wins with DApigs fueled support. He will be No 2. Jew's Arse is carted off to prison and the key is thrown away for good this time. That will leave old saggy breasted wifey exposed. She is no MP (never had the nous for politics) and will struggle to win a seat.

b. Tuak runs in a non-malay majority seat and with DAPigs backing wins. He will be de facto king as wifey would have to leave for her postmenopausal cockshredded twathole cannot withstand his cockthrusts for power. Sham elections are held and BB is enthroned King with a politically pliant ovary chopped slutgirl as No 2 just to giggle for the diaperclad sissyfied youth crowd who have nothing but oodles of ooooohs and aaaaaaahs to spare.................

With that, the DAPigs engineered deMalayisation (read the weak nonetheless potentially dangerous form of Ali's kid) and de Islamisation (via the sex seduced Kelantan Turban and his henchmen munafikins, Zul, Khal, Hus et al) of the opposition front would be complete and at cymbal's clang riseth will he the Son of Day (Siang) to preside over a Sliteyed court with Christo worshipping mandarins in tow.

So that's my response, fuckedup cumsplashed dickjuicing Anon. Get the drift...or are you driftwood? Come to think of it, when all said and done, all it took was a nyanyuk turban enamoured with LKY's moneylaced shit and a youth crowd still peeing and shitting in their diapers to sell this country down the gutter to China...........As Shontelle would scream "Impossible!!' You bet!!


Beneath all these shenanigans, plans are afoot to abolish the Malay monarchy. Why? well when you wipe out the Malay monarchy, you effectively jettison the 1957 Constitution whose bedrock is the Raja2 Melayu. That would be the end of Art 153 and all the other articles embedding Malay suzerainty (Ketuanan Melayu). In its place, a Chingkie controlled Republic with a constitution embedding Chingkie supremacy. The clamour commenced after March 2008 with even cocksuckling Malays like Jew's Arse and his slutgirl at the forefront. (Remember the 2008 PKR resolution to the effect). Note too the sustained written discourse attacks against the Social Contract, Article 153, the Malay rulers, Malay rights, Islam and the provocations of people like Loke, Art, Nurul, Waytha et al. A consistent pattern is emerging as the gutter monster surfaces into broad daylight and the Malays ignore it at theirown existential peril.....

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Anonymous said...

Hi there.

Thanks for the scary insight of the country. It does come out as a pattern as you mentioned. It seems that these 'anak-anak Tanah Melayu' have been bastardised through and through....Malaysia is going to be known as Chinasia in the near future.