Sunday, June 19, 2011

Anwar: The Final Unraveling of Satan's Offspring

1. "The economy stupid!" was a common refrain during the 1992 US presidential campaign. Coined by spinmeisters of the Clinton ticket amidst the jubilance over the Iraq war triumph, it ultimately sounded the death knell of the Bush presidency, rendering his battlefield success over Saddam Hussein a pyrhhic victory. That the Yanks were only momentarily moved by Bush's war success is testimony to their angst and general disillusionment with the ravages that inflation, sluggish growth and unemployment wrought on their bank balances and economic well-being. In many ways, Clinton's electoral battle-cry was the arrow that punctured Bush's balloon of inflated jingoism, just desserts for a president drunk on the power and prospect of Pax Americana than being soberly contrite over the lack of achievements to succour a suffering polity.

2. That astute management of the economy is one of the key predictors of electoral success is not a mere understatement of fallacious inconsequence but rather a monumental statement of factual reality. In Europe, Australasia, Japan, the Far East, South America and elsewhere, the same mantra, that food on the table is infinitely more welcome than civil liberties in empty bellies, has always held sway much to the chagrin of desultory activists and anarchists alike who have nothing better to do than beat the drums of idealism in order to seduce the rabble down the garden path to hell on Earth.

3. Bearing this in mind, one should examine whether it is worthwhile to lay the cards of national prosperity on the gambling table especially when one set of gamblers are being led by a nincoompoop more driven by his personal thirst for power and vengeance than motivated by any concern for the naive and gullible polity's well-being.

4. Today, I will begin a series on critically evaluating whether Anwar Ibrahim wields the intellectual capacity and the financial competency to be the steward of the nation's finances. Contrary to popular perception regarding his tenure as finance czar from 1991 to September 1998, Anwar's reign was in actuality a litany of disasters, missteps, wrong policy decisions and outright capitulation to external forces. A period of financial incompetency bordering on lunacy dynamoed by a megalomaniac personality hungering for the chalice of power and fueled by an inordinate lust for abominable desires would be an apt testament of the Anwar years, one in which a scheming madman sought to destroy the gains of the DEB, castarate Malay political power in a brazen attempt to hand the reins to his Chingkie paramours who have been the erstwhile seekers of political hegemony in Malaysia since 1945.

5. I will establish this reality, which would be patently unpalatable for some, with data from diverse sources, some of whom are known Anwar affociandos. At the same time, I invite Anwaristas and his fawning rabble of fellow arsewhores and Chingkie cocksucklers to freely debunk my analysis. I will offer a snapshot of Anwar;s failures when juxtaposed against his nemesis, the astute statesman Dr Mahathir and leave it to the readers to decide whether it worth it to waste any political chips on this washed up arsewanker. My focus would on the following areas:

Curent Account Management
Controls on Capital Inflows and Outflows
Monetary and Fiscal Policy
The Malaysian Ringgit : Fixed or Managed or Free Float Implications
"Crony" Capitalism

Subsequent to the above, I will lay out the case for the jury to decide as to the moral fibre of this gutter scum. Stay tuned.

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