Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bersih: What a Load of Ambigaus Garbage, Time to Detain The Bitch and Commence Waterboarding

Two things are indicative that cheapskate polly, Ambiga Sreenivasan is being remote controlled by certain vested parties:

a. barely hours into her launch, the real schemer behind the planned street demos, issued a conciliatory statement that he would instruct its instant abortion if the government could guarantee clean elctions.

It is well understood that Anwar Ibrahim is the remote control behind the whole shit to divert attention from his upcoming trial and is instigating the street mob as a pretext to account for PR's upcoming election thrashing.

b. the launch itself was attended by the who's who of Malaysian gutter politics. This clearly indicates that this a non-partisan movement trying to hold the government and the nation hostage to their childish pranks. The fact that master instigator and PAS powermaniac Mat Sabu's commitment to lend 300,000 foot soldiers to protect the Chingkie core of the proposed street mob is an admission of complicity and another indication of how PAS members are prepared to lose their maruah to protect their Chingkie pimps.

The time has come to detain Ambiga and commence interrogation including waterboarding her for the truth to be coughed out of the arsehole's gob

Hidup Perkasa; For sure I will be there and this time it will be no necks barred............

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