Friday, June 17, 2011

The Dogs And Pigs Out For Another PseudoMalay Fuck Fest

Folks following the Penang Mosque elections controversy, need to ask just a few questions for the Chingkie hypocrisy to unravel itself as some worn out rag:

a. why the obsession of a coterie of Dogs And Pigs (DAP) and its Prostituted and arseRaped (PR)munafik acolytes to have these "elections" when the DAP itself dare not push for Local Government Elections it once promised to hold come what may?

b. why havent similar elections held in Kelantan or for that matter Selangor?

And of the elections itself,

a. what guarantees are there that those voting are pious Muslims, who have not missed friday prayers, who attend at least a congregational prayer a day and who pay tithes.

b since every Muslim within a Qariah is presumably a voter, what safeguards are there to prevent an atheist, munafik or ahmidiyat or ayah pinnist amongst them in joining the fest presumably to vote in douchebags and dickcums into the Jawatankuasa

c. would not an election split the Muslim Ummah along the very political faultlines that Islam strictly abhors of.

But the DAP does not care for it is peopled by a shitsplattered race supremacists who want to establish Chingkie political hegemony and turn each and every Muslim into chingchonging, pig eating, unwashed arse sarong swaddled slimepoops smoking chingk supplied joints whle the country is raped dry economically by the jaundiced colored slit eyed cuntworms. and their awaiting horde of pig brethren from Chingkieland

The wooly rationale behind the exercise is actually a whole bucket of hogwash from the DAP pig farm being splashed onto the naive and marginalised Muslim community by DAP hired religiously and culturally disemboweled pseudo-Malay cocksucklers masquerading as heroes and champion pimps of the gutter. Yeah, the same group who will shove their weiners into any virgin Malay cunt seeking justice but who will offer their aresepits to be raped by their DAP masters at the toss of a few Agongs. The very same bastards who give way when:

a. the DAP demands arak and tuak in Shah Alam and nightclubs and seedy parlours and prost joints in Selangor, Kedah or even Kelantan

b. babi slaughter houses in Alor setar

c. gargoyle housing mansions fronting Muslim prayer houses in Section 22 Shah Alam.

And the DAP is sniggering and licking its chops already. for the real purpose of the election is nothing more than to:

a. serve as a bellwether on the status of Malay support for PR in Penang to decide whether a state dissolution strategy should be deployed in tandem with national elections.

b to cleave malay unity apart so they become easy fodder for further arserapes, cuntfucks and throat rams over the Tanjung Tokong issue, the planned seizure of Malay land in Bayan Lepas Batu Kawan and Balik Pulau, the proposed displacement of the surviving Malay enclaves within Georgetown.

c. use the mimbar to spread further disunity amongst Muslims and brainwash the stupefied laity into cuckolded submission to the swine lovers' charade.

You dont believe me, pseudo-Malay cocksucklers, look at how the Christo fanatic Chingkie smirks as two Malay Muslims in the Friday finery trade barbs and insults on the Muslim sabbath when brotherhood should be the order of the day post Jumaat infused spirit. but then, since when the Malay Muslims have ever exercised the head instead of the crotch in political shadowplay.

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