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PAS: A Dozen Observations

The conservative-liberal polemic bedeviling PAS has worsened over the past year. In actuality, this schism commenced in 2005 with ex-Pas Secretary General and Anwarista Kamaruddin Jaafar (the PAS KJ) facilitating the infiltration of pro-Jewish, pro-Christian, western oriented liberals into the higher echelons of the party hierarchy. This infiltartion was at the behest of KJ's handler Anwar Ibrahim who was acting under the orders of Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng. The ultimate DAP aim being to tone down the extremist visage of PAS and transform it into a seemingly "moderate" version of UMNO in the bigger quest to split the Malay vote and ensure DAP (read Chingkie-Christian) political hegemony over the Malaysian landscape.

2. The facilitation of this infiltartion received the blessings of Nik Aziz Nik Mat, who confronted with waning political influence (not least due to his abjectly poor performance as Kelanatan MB) neeed to bolster his positions with the emplacement of fellow Kelantanese or Kelantan leaning politicians at the helm of PAS to balance the influential Terengganu faction of Hadi Awang, Mustapha Ali and Harun Taib . In fact, by conspiring with his fellow Kelantanese, KJ, Nik Aziz ensured the meteoric rise of such liberal iconoclasts such as Husam Musa, Khalid Samad, Sallahuddin Ayub, Zulkafli Ahmad, Mahfuz Omar and other less known luminaries like Tuan Ibrahim, Hatta Ramli, Syed Azman etc.

3. The end target of this Nik Aziz cohort was to seize the PAS agenda from the conservative wing in order to ensure the rise of a Chinese-Christian DAP dominated central government dedicated to the pursuit of wiping out Malay socio-political institutions (like the Malay sultanate); the displacement of Islam as the official religion, the abandonment of the Sharia, the liberalisation of apostacy laws and the erosion of Malay rights as enshrined in the Constitution. That this aim is synonymous with PKR's own struggles should be of no surprise as both political parties (PAS and PKR) are answerable to their DAP masters.

4. The initial target of the PAS liberal coterie was to eliminate the conservative faction by chopping off the conservative base of Hadi Awang in the persons of Mustapha Ali, Nasharuddin, Hasan Ali, Azizan Razak, Haron Din and Haron Taib. The unexpected results of 2008 caused the liberals to make their first tactical error. Instead of ensuring liberal dominance of the grassroots first, the liberals, in their thirst for power, hastily earmarked 2009 as the year of revolt but in their haste he Nik Aziz backed warlords alienated rank and file with their brusque and blatant power grab attempt. The end result was a humiliating defeat of the Kelantan/pro-Kelantan wing with only Mahfuz Omar, Sallehuddin surviving the conservative backlash. A prelude to this humiliation was the sudden resignation of KJ. However, he had already planted cancerous sleeper cells in the party.

5. The defeated pro-Jewish/Christian liberal lay low for a few months before beginning a counter-offensive in which the dominant leit-motif was tarring the conservative wing for selling out PAS ideals for initiating unity talks with UMNO. Nik Aziz Nik Mat was at the forefront of this campaign with his constant attacks on the pro-unity talk elements in PAS. By leveraging on his role as PAS " spiritual" adviser, Nik Aziz Nik Mat issued a slew of fatwa-like proclaimations that discredited the Hadi Awang, Mustapha Ali,-Nasharuddin troika in the eyes of the older members effectively withering their clout to pursue unity talks.

6. At the same time, fellow liberals like Khalid Samad, Zulkifli Ahmad, Mat Sabu , Husam Musa etc initiated ideological assaults and manufactured lies to brainwash the younger rank and file into believing that PAS was gaining electoral acceptance amongst Malays, that the DAP was protective of Malay-Muslim rights and that PAS would ensure the preservation of the status quo thus rendering the unity talk initiative redundant.

7. In the meantime, PAS sleeper cells planted by KJ began activating themselves and massacring the conservative faction at the grassroot level by winning vital posts at branch and divisional levels. 'Dixiecrat' moderate conservative were also approached and lured into the conspiracy with the ultimate aim being the annihilation of pro- Muslim unity talks and Nasharuddin to replaced by Lim Guan Eng's ISA cell mate and liberal idolater and pro-Christian pagan, Mat Sabu.

8. To achieve this strategic aim, Nik Aziz Nik Mat ordered his henchman cum kinsman, Tuan Ibrahim to join the fray to split the conservative vote by luring away the dixiecrat faction of the conservatives from supporting Nash, The rest is history but few "informed" political analyst contest the fact that Mat Sabu enjoys only 40% support amongst the rank and file in PAS. In addition, almost all the liberal cohort won vital party positions. Hadi Awang saved his neck by selling out the conservative faction, smoking the peace-pipe and earning a reprieve from Nik Aziz Nik Mat. Hadi's capitulation effectively renders him a lame duck, more a puppet figurehead than anything else who is beholden to the diktats of Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng issued via Nik Aziz Nik Mat, Mat Sabu and their fellow liberals.

9. Be that as it may, the conservative wing didnt take the humiliation lying down. Here are some snapshots of emergent and emerging developments

a. in response to Harun Taib's eviction in the Terengganu party chapter, Azizan Razak launched a counter-strike by removing Mahfuz from the Kedah PAS hierachy ( a peculiar decision given Mahfuz being a PAS VP)

b. Azizan Razak's Ramadahan entertainment directive is a conservative challenge to the liberal hegemony designed to show up the liberal's spiritual hypocrisy That he caved in to Hadi after intense pressure from the DAP, further validates the thesis that PAS's policy is determined by the DAP and the liberal wing of PAS are effectively DAP minions.

c. the Selangor JAIS raid constitutes another guerilla attack on the liberals led by the conservatives, in this case, Hasan Ali. I FULLY expect PAS to reprimand Hasan Ali on the account of the liberals' anger as refelcted here and here. Note how Nik Aziz Nik Mat's liberal barking dogs react; one absolving PAS while the other trundles out the threadbare ......yawn.....conspiracy hypothesis. The fact that conservative Nash Tantawi chose to remain silent while Nik Aziz tarbiyahed liberal pig oinks his view is another sign of how strong the grip the liberal dogs have on PAS's shin bone.

10. Yet, the irony of all these developments is that it indirectly fulfills the conservative agenda to wrest the party's soul back from the liberal grip and effectively slaughter Nik Aziz Nik Mat and his gangsters. After the party polls in June, I was contacted by a reliable and well placed party insider who intimated that the party delegates' decision to elect the liberal lineup is merely a political ploy to prepare the DAP/PKR infiltrated liberal traitors for a slaughter in the GE. How?

11. Assuming that these liberals will be candidates in the upcoming GE, conservative voters at the grassroots have been directed to vote UMNO or abstain from voting. Thus, the liberals will be slaughtered at the General Elections and that upheaveal will see their removal at the next PAS internal party polls. Additionally, a discredited Nik Aziz Nik Mat will be decapitated as Murshidul Am, his place likely to be assumed by Haron Din, Azizan Razak or even a contrite and repentant Hadi Awang. As for the presidency, a whole lot of emerging conservatives led by Nash are patiently biding their time while licking their chops. This scenario, would appear wholly implausible if not for the fact that many PAS members at the grassroots in the Malay heartland, Perak and Selangor have begun neglecting their duties of late and anecdotal reports of mass boycott of PAS events by their supporters is gaining credence. Additionally, reliable reports of liberals in Selangor begging Nik Aziz for safe seats in his "so-called" bastion of Kelantan are also trickling in (this tactic of moving to a safe seat as even Kelantan is on the verge of an open revolt)

12. If the conservative plan succeeds, we could safely assume the demise of PR and the end of the Chinese Christian dream of controling Malaysian politics. It would also mark a return to conservative politics in PAS, a hodgepodge of pseudo-Islamic ideals we have come used to prior to 2008

Buffalo : Or conversely the Liberal wing would disintegrate sooner than later , if inshaallah Nik Aziz Nik Mat dies from the malignant cancer infesting his body.

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