Sunday, August 07, 2011

Unraveling the Real Anwar Ibrahim : The Naive Dumbass (Part 1)

Politicians are by default potential decision-makers. Decision-making by default requires firm grasp of issues based on prevailing realities be it in the local, regional or international spheres. A politician who is not attuned to such realities is a charlatan and charlatans are more adept for coffee shop talk and rabble rousing.

Anwar Ibrahim is of the charlatan variety - a pathetic idiot whose only forte is uneducated and ignorant hysterical outbursts delivered with typical bombast for dramatic effect. A poseur for whom lying is second nature. His politics is suited for the 1950s and 1960s village scene when betel chewing and rokok daun were still in vogue. Only the uneducated and illiterate will buy into such codswallop even when facts stare stark naked at them.

Buffalo: Little wonder Nik Aziz secretly offered the throne to a fellow Kelantanese, Ku Li. Even a cancer stricken turban lollipop Kaffir understands that you cannot outrun Truth let alone outlive it.

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