Friday, October 07, 2011

Time for a Dog Day Afternoon Massacre

courtesy of Warrior 231

I rolled of my seat laughing as I read the latest antics of Najib Tun Razak and Anwar Ibrahim regarding the up-coming budget. What provoked my glee was the temerity these two nincompoops had in outlining outlandish proposals with OPiuM ransacked from the National Treasury. The gall these douchebags flaunt indeed has no limits. At the rate they are going, they will plunder the coffers dry and leave the rest of us begging for crumbs as they gallivant into the sunset.

Anwar, the filthier douchebag of the two, needs no introduction. This political bastard is renowned for almost bringing Malaysia under IMF suzerainty during his madcap headless chicken antics back in 1997-1998. A scoundrel with a zilch intellect, Anwar is the ultimate poseur, a charlatan out to break Bank Negara to satiate megalomaniac cravings. Pray, what is this monkey up to by proposing asinine suggestions like:
A minimum wage of RM1100.00
Handouts to lazybones and loser bitches
A 5.9 billion bonanza for a bunch of lazybones

and other arsewipe worthy suggestions? And he and his horde of scumbags have the gumption to claim they could fund that votebuying splurge with LOANS effectively saddling future generations with their gay profligacy! Fuck you Chingkie cock lovvaboy and your Chingk pimps. Your alternative budget is nothing more than a pie in the sky dreamed up in a pig sty. Enuff said

Najib for his part does no better but he can hardly do worse. 2 years ago, I proposed several budget initiatives in Rocky Bru but this fucktart blasely ignored those suggestiosn and continued with his perverted pro-Chingkie dalliance. Now in a swift U turn, he is about to expropriate what I suggested in a vain attempt to come out smelling roses when he should be ashamed of the shitty pong he now carries with him. This stupid fella(tist) like Anwar, is more likely to be dildoing his filthy arse when he is not thinking straight, I guess. With growth rates to be anaemic at best, lets see how this wanker can wank the deficit out of existence with his moronic brains.

After a bright start, he began plummeting in my estimation by his sheer pigheadedness in seducing reluctant Chingkie pimps and whores, much to the collective disgust and chagrin of Melayu bermaruah Malaysia over. When he should have been assiduously implementing the 1Pribumi agenda, he choose to come up with the 1Malaysia crap, a shithole idea that allows Malays and Muslims alike to be pliant maruahless victims of Chingkie racial slurs and evil jibes. Thanks to Najib Razak’s childish incompetence, we now

DON”T have a broader and more equitable tax base (read GST),
DON’T Have a more rational subsidy scheme (read a non-budget busting type);
DON’T HAVE a more realistic and competitive Corporate and Personal Income Tax Structure;
DONT HAVE a performance based Industry Incentive scheme
DON’T HAVE a egalitarian, non-racial based education system
DON’T HAVE a sane National Automotive Policy

And many other DONT HAVES no thanks to the idiot’s flip flops and low-brow kowtowing to Chingkie demands. And he absolutely fell off my radar when he trifled with National Security with that ISA asinine antic and his capitulation to pariah Ambiga’s BERSIH (read : KOTOR) stunt.

Najib the Bum like Anwar the Scum are nothing more than ho-hum and its time we put a STRONGMAN leader in Putrajaya before the carcass of this country is mangled beyond recognition by the Chingk dogs behind these clueless dumbos. I propose the military move in and throw these political charlatans and their associate dross into dungeons and let a technocracy of experts steer the ship of state!

Buffalo: About time. I am fed up with this Anwar and Najib wayang as are many right thinking, rational Melayu Bermaruah. If you ask me, quite a few dead wood idiotic chingkie cocksuckling lackeys are gonna be slaughtered come the next GE.

Revert: Hear! Hear!.Good one. Warrior 231

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